City’s first CT scan machine, 24 times faster than ordinary machines

Fortis Anandapur today launched the city’s only Dual Source Dual Energy Somatom Drive CT scanner which is 24 times faster than any other CT scan machine making it a fast and clinically superior means of diagnosis for geriatric, paediatric and trauma patients in this season of pandemic. While an average CT scan machine takes more than 2 minutes this CT machine can take a scan within 5 seconds.

“Fortis Healthcare is known for its clinical quality and high-end technology. Keeping with our commitment we have installed this new age CT Scan machine which is far more superior due to its speed and precision while eliminating over exposure to radiations for the patients” says Mrs Richa S Debgupta, Sr Vice-President, Fortis Healthcare Ltd

“This new dual energy dual source Somatom Drive CT scan machine is one of its kind in Eastern India with only two other installations available across the country. Somatom Drive gives us technical edge to conventional CT Technologies available. It will immensely augment our diagnostic capabilities, thereby further enhancing our clinical outcome—something for which Fortis Hospital Kolkata is known for” says Dr Arafat Faisal, Head Medical Services, Fortis Hospital Kolkata.

The major benefits of the machine include:

  • Ultra-fast chest CT without holding breath to help geriatric, paediatric, pulmonology & trauma patients. An entire thorax can be scanned in only 0.6 seconds
  • Scanning 1.5 feet of body surface area in one second
  • Paediatric CT without sedation. Ultra-fast spiral scanning means examinations can be fully diagnostic, even when children are awake or agitated. This shortens preparation time, and can eliminate risks of sedation and general anaesthesia in paediatric CT. With sped up workflow, since no anaesthesiologist is needed when sedation is not used, parents can take their children home right after the scan is completed
  • Cardiac perfusion scan and coronary morphology in the same sitting, which was not possible earlier
  • Walk-in Cardiac CT imaging for all types of patients (high heart rate, varying heart rate, arrhythmia) without medication to stabilize heart rates
  • With a scan speed of 458 mm/s over the entire 50 cm field of view, the dual source scanning can literally freeze motion for a sound and sustainable diagnosis even in critical situations
  • It can be used for Cardiac, TAVI Planning and Neuro and coronary CTA. In one examination, doctors can rule out cardioembolic stroke, including CAD (Coronary Artery Disease)

This makes the Dual Source Dual Energy Somatom Drive CT scanner a boon for patients with co-morbidities by making it fast, efficient and safe.


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