Changing the Astro Game

Astrology is an art and not all are well versed in this technique. It requires a lot of knowledge about the subject, patience, and endurance. Afterall, it’s about shaping someone’s life and making them sail through the hardest time. (Dr.) Acharya Vinod Kumar Ojha – is a name that does not need any introduction. He is world acclaimed celebrity and multiple prestigious award honour winning Vedic astrologer from India who has enriched the lifestyles of millions of individuals across the globe by his astrological guidance.Recently, he has added another feather in his cap by getting honoured by the prestigious European International University with the status of a doctor. His expertise in the field has made him world popular and acclaimed.

He is an astrologer par excellence who makes accurate and precise predictions of the future and guides people to help get rid of their problems in life and give them efficient solutions to come out stronger from the same. He is the disciple of the great Maharishi Shri Shri Mahesh Yogi Ji, under whom he expanded his knowledge and learnt the many unknown facts about astrology and other Vedic studies. Apart from astrology, Acharya Ojha excels in the art of Gemology, Panchang, Vastu and Numerology. He studied how to read the horoscopes and calculate the placement and position of stars in the same.

Born and bought up in Allahabad, his inclination towards religion and spirituality was obvious. Acharya Ojha listened to what his heart told him and followed the path of astrology with a sheer motive to bring a change in the life of people. He is like a ray of hope in the life of those who have lost all expectations.

Being a Celebrity Astrologer, he is very grounded and has guided many celebrities and renowned personalities from the entertainment world. Acharya Ojha has also given his insights and shared his knowledge on various channels; some of them are Sony Pal, Sab TV, Zee Jagran, Shraddha TV, Sanskar, Sadhna, Darshan24, Shakti TV, Divya TV, UTV Bindaas and the list is long.

Not only he works towards a better future, but has a vision also and his NGO Adyatmiksewa mission is the outcome of that. It is a project where Acharya Ojha works for all those in need for their good health and wellbeing. He tackles for them issues of depression, other mental issues, helps people in dire need of good health facilities, provides food to the poor and gives shelter to old age people.

His excellence in the astrological world has been proved by the number of correct predictions he has made so far and the number of times he acted as the guide and mentor to people who trust him to solve any of their queries and help them overcome their struggles in life.

Dr. Acharya Vinod Kumar Ojha has changed the astro game altogether by proving that it is an art and not all can master this art in one night. He personally believes that success comes to those who dare to dream it and Dr. Ojha is one such example, who is tasting the fruit of all the hard work he has put-in to develop as a brand.

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