Inspired by a true rescue operation, ‘Chosen Few’ – a short film by IJM in partnership with production house The Viral Fever – intends to shed light on the importance of a robust criminal justice system in freeing children caught in Commercial Sexual Exploitation. The film explores the role of the Chosen Few in the rescue, restoration and rehabilitation of survivors of sex trafficking. It is a celebration of the accomplishments of a system that has successfully restored over 100 survivors of sex trafficking in over two decades.

Chosen Few was released today by TVF in their Youtube channel on 21 April 2020 on the occasion of National Civil Services Day is dedicated to the ‘Chosen Few’ in the criminal justice system who take ownership and make it possible to rescue victims of Commercial Sexual Exploitation. The film goes beyond the romanticized aspects of sex work that have often been portrayed on the silver screen, and touches on the plight of the children and women exposed to the crime. The viewer is introduced to the criminal justice system through characters in the film, and their approach to tackling the crime.

“In the fight against human trafficking, especially sex trafficking it is traditionally believed that ‘it can’t be ended’ – for it is an oldest work/crime. This belief often occupies the perception of people, including those who are fighting the crime – for they often believe the same! Through Chosen Few, we bring a glimpse of the change that we experience through our work.”, says Sanjay Macwan, Vice President Partnerships, South Asia, IJM.

“This is a very special film as we have tried our level best to remain as true as possible. In fact, this story is based on true life events. While developing my character I realised how difficult it is for the judicial system to bust such crimes. On one side it is necessary to completely bust the channel of such crimes and on the other, the victim is so vulnerable that it becomes very sensitive. There are different laws to abide which empower you but also put restrictions at the same time. So the complexity increases. Overall it becomes a fight within and outside the system at the same time.” says Vikram Kochhar who portrays the character of Special Police Officer in the film.

The Director of Chosen Few, is Rohit Mittal, for whom there were multiple challenges, to make the film authentic and tell the novel story to audiences. “It was as good as shooting a feature film. For it to be real and authentic we had to take that extra step in every scene and location. Thankfully we had a great crew and cast. Also working with non-actors is always a delight. IJM helped us with a lot of insights and helped us make it very real and believable. And the core team at TVF is very supportive, and creative. Everyone worked very hard to do justice to the story and the world we are showing.”, says the Director of the film.

Chosen Few is written by Mr Akashendra Mishra, Mr Raja Narayan Deb has scored the background music. The editor of the film is Mr Bhisma Pratim and Director of Photography is Mr Kushal  Banerjee.

To watch the film, please click on the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=54X5orue5vQ

As India Celebrates its 73rd National Civil Services Day, amidst a nationwide lockdown, a salutation is sent out to all in public service through this film. Chosen Few brings an opportunity to be inspired by the civil servants who rededicate and recommit themselves on this day to continue working for the nation.

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