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While India has the world’s third largest start-up ecosystem, the percentage of women entrepreneurs is comparatively lesser than their male counterparts. However in the few years, this scenario is changing and women are consistently raising benchmark and are transforming the world of start-ups, in ways more than one. Women are well known for their leadership skills and hence dominate in new-age industriesIndia, during the pandemic years of 2020, 2021 and now 2022, has been witnessing a rise in the number of start-ups being launched across segments and many of these are run by women entrepreneurs.

The Indian Chamber of Commerce organised The Incredible Women Achievers’ in Retail, first of its kind event having pan-Asian panellists to celebrate and recognise the spirit of women achievers, their entrepreneurship, innovation and the large strides taken in the pursuit of excellence.
The conference commenced with a press meet addressed by Mr. Pradeep Sureka (President, ICC),
Mr. Namit Bajoria (Chairman, ICC National Expert Committee on Retail and Marketing) & Mr. Rohit Surana (Co-Chair, ICC National Expert Committee on Retail and Marketing). “India has always witnessed innumerable examples of women who have successfully spearheaded the development of our country in all its facets, and it is only befitting that today we are celebrating their achievements and their talents by showcasing them at this conclave.” Pradeep Sureka, President, Indian Chamber of Commerce.
“In my experience, women are among the most talented and respected leaders in their organisations.
The retail industry would change for the better if it had more women leaders as is evident from the
august group being honoured.” Namit Bajoria, Chairman, ICC National Expert Committee on Retail
and Marketing.Rohit Surana, Co-Chairman, ICC National Expert Committee on Retail and Marketing commented, “Our community is comprised of successful, motivated and talented women from retail ecosystemwho believe in investing in themselves and other women for building great business. Kudos to achievers.”“We look forward to the inspirational sessions by these women achievers in retail industry as theyexemplarily spearhead their organisations with relentless efforts, grit and determination- therebycreating competitive edge.” Dr Rajeev Singh, Director General Indian Chamber of Commerce.
The press meet was followed by the main attraction of the night, a panel discussion in the presence of
power women such as Anika Parashar (Founder & CEO, The Woman’s Company), Ayushi Gudwani (Founder & CEO FableStreet), Ghazal Alagh (Co-Founder & Chief InnovationOfficer, MamaEarth), Kavitha Rao (Country Commercial Head, IKEA), Kiran Uttam(Designer), Madhu Neotia (Managing Trustee-Neotia Arts Trust Founder- The India Story),Suchi Mukherjee (CEO & Founder, LimeRoad), Suparna Mitra (CEO, Watches and WearableDivision- Titan Co. Ltd.), Vineeta Singh (Co-Founder and CEO, Sugar Cosmetics).
“Tragedies, disasters, strife, naysayers all come into our lives to solidify our commitment and our
intent towards our dreams. Stay true to your intent and vision. Vision wins above all else”, said Anika
Parashar, Founder & CEO, The Woman’s Company; Chairperson ORGAN India; Ex- COO Fortis La
Femme; ‘Pride of India ‘ Awardee, TEDx Speaker. “All you need is a mind-set shift to get past your fears”, said Ayushi Gudwani, Founder & CEO at FableStreet, Entrepreneur, and Mentor. Ex- McKinsey, IIM Calcutta.“It is all about summing up the courage to take the first step, believe in yourself, and stay committed to the chosen path”, said Ghazal Alagh (Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer, MamaEarth).
“With increasing interest in home furnishing, we want to make sure home furnishing is accessible and
affordable to many people”, said Kavitha Rao (Country Commercial Head, IKEA). “Challenges are an inevitable part of the road to success. We will stumble. I look forward to learning from those experiences. I call it failing forward”, said Kiran Uttam (Designer). “Make dreaming mandatory. Let the girls have ambition. That’s a start”, said Suchi Mukherjee (CEO & Founder, LimeRoad).
“Let’s not obsess over the competition, let’s obsess over our customer’s needs”, said Vineeta Singh
(Co-Founder and CEO, Sugar Cosmetics).“As a leader now I focus on making other people’s views heard.” Said Suparna Mitra, CEO, Watches and Wearables Division, Titan Company Limited. The conference was also attended by celebrated women entrepreneurs from the city, editors of leading dailies, notable actors and people from all walks of life. The event created an opportunity to hear the success stories and listen to the journeys of these incredible women.

The event also promoted sustainable fashion where 4 designers, 145 East, Earth Route, Paromita Banerjee, LAtaSita showcased their products. The event focuses on the importance of sustainable fashion that promotes clothes that are not just stylish but also has zero or no negative impact on the environment. These brands focuses on creating responsible wardrobes which should be our prime focus to protect the environment and by showcasing these brands, ICC is lending their support to these amazing initiatives taken by these brands

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