Catchy Item song to enliven your heart!

Last couple of years as dismal as it was, proved to be a big year for OTT. The digital industry is at an all-time peak, with a vast offering of web series and films.

The success of a title is due to many factors, and the soundtrack plays a huge role in elevating any show or film, especially in a country that has seen music as an indispensable aspect of cinema over decades.

From soulful to upbeat, web series have given us some of the most iconic songs over recent years.

Recently, a  peppy item number Fultusi has been launched at the Kolkata Press Club  which will get you out of slumber and push you to put on your dancing shoes! Fultusi has created fire with her sizzling hot moves. The  jazzy, raunchy and foot-tapping feel of the song have already won hearts of many.


The shooting of “Fultusi” directed by Tuhin Sinha and produced by Dr. Prabir Bhowmak under the banner of Swabhoomi Entertainment has just ended. Tapan Roy (Tuku) in production control. The shooting of the film has been completed in Kolkata, Mecheda and Mandarmoni. Veteran music director Toton Maitra has created this sizzling music while famous singer Jojo has sung this item number. Maupriya Das will be seen in the title role of “Fultusi”. The film stars Pradeep Bhattacharya has acted as kaka(uncle) and Debashish Ganguly has played the character of a third gender.


Subhashish Banerjee, Prabir Bhowmik, Divyendu Shekhar Das, Tapan Roy, Chandni Diashi and Mirakkel fame Kaju, Saheb, Krishna will also be seen in important roles. Filmed by Perth Rakshit. Choreography has been done by Tumpa Sona song fame Amar Gupta who is also First Indian dancer Double Gold medalist in International Dance Organization world dance Olympiad 2017 MOSCOW RUSSIA.  Everyone from the director to the crew is hopeful that in this pujo, Fultusi will be able to bring a happiness to everyone’s heart.

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