Calcutta Broadway strives to identify and provide a platform to budding talents

Calcutta Broadway, is a one of its kind private platform created to preserve the rich cultural heritage of India while providing structured support to those who help create the magic behind performances. This thought-idea has been the driving force in conceptualizing Calcutta Broadway as a platform to offer, on one hand, the richness and diversity of entrepreneurial and corporate management skills to help performing arts emerge as an economically viable industry; bring in the latest technological innovations to enhance stagecraft, helping deliver compelling audience experiences and providing structural support to the large mass of people who form the junior ranks, both on and off the stage, and on whose shoulders lie the burden of ensuring a performance’s success and magic.

In accordance to the organization’s objective, the occasion also witnessed the launch of “Broadway Health” – yet another of Bikram Dasgupta’s innovation to help provide structured healthcare support (including ambulance, IPD and OPD charges) to those who bring up the junior ranks of the performance industry. Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Bikram Dasgupta said, “Calcutta Broadway strives to identify and provide a platform to budding talent who have an affinity towards the three art forms vis-a-vis music, theatre and dance. This platform will not only hone their skills but will also expose them to both traditional and contemporary knowledge of the craft. It will also offer structured support to young artists and junior technical staff by providing them with the necessary professional and social support to help sustain in the industry. Our aim is to identify talent and offer assistance in order to take forward the legacy of our historical heritage.”

At the core of Calcutta Broadway’s charter lies the deep-rooted interest in identifying unique talent among both rural/suburban and urban youth in all the three art forms and providing them with a platform to help hone their talent. The organization’s charter also includes sponsoring shows, hosting talent recognition and award shows, and helping identified talent create their unique brands.

Calcutta Broadway, in its effort to contemporize the art forms to help broad base its appeal to the new generation, is working on creating a thematic fusion between Theatre, Music and Dance into a single seamless ‘stage’ offering; blending Theatre with Dance and Music or in any of the myriad combinations possible between the three art forms, where each of the forms takes on, in turn, a lead role and is supported by either one or both of the art forms. This unique thought-concept throws open an entirely new realm of creative expression and experimentations and embeds within itself the embryonic seeds of morphing into a new genre of performing arts. At another level Calcutta Broadway seeks to preserve, leveraging the latest digital technologies, the rich and varied body of knowledge – one that has been passed on for centuries in the country. Calcutta Broadway is supported by well-known personalities like Jawhar Sircar, Ex-CEO Prasar Bharati, theatre stalwart Rudraprasad Sengupta, renowned theatre director Sohag Sen, musical maestro Pandit Tejendra Narayan Majumdar, renowned danseuse Tanusree Shankar, well known music composer Debojyoti Mishra, acclaimed actor Kaushik Sen among others.

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