Cabin connected to Tagore forcibly taken, claims owner

In the Shyambazar region, a sensation has spread in the area due to the forceful seizure of the property of a helpless widow. In this incident, the name of a tenant of the shop of that house and the woman’s sister-in-law have come up. Despite sister-in-law owning a share of the property, she is forcibly trying to evict majority owner Pritha Nandi from the house.

The incident belongs to 99A Bidhan Sarani. Prithadevi’s husband Ashok Nandi passed away on February 14, 2022. A few days later, Susanta Sutar, a tenant, and Annapurna, sister-in-law of Prithadevi allegedly jumped in to take over the entire property. Prithadevi had a restaurant called ‘Manmatha Cabin’ in that house. That too was forcibly taken over. Her kitchen and bathroom have been destroyed. It is also alleged that his bank passbooks and fixed deposit papers have been taken away.

‘Manmatha Cabin’ was a memorial, where Rabindranath Tagore used to come frequently and he had an account in a bank situated on the top floor of the cabin. Not only Tagore but many a legendary person and then players of Mohun Bagan club used to visit the cabin regularly. Sukumar Rakshit, brother of Pritha Nandi is trying to regain the property in every possible way. He has already appealed to court. The political leaders also have been approached for the same.

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