Building Smarter Teams for Recession-Proof Business Strategy for MSMEs

 Synersoft Technologies, a homegrown IT company, conducted a webinar on ” Building Smarter Teams for Recession-Proof Business Strategy for MSMEs” on 3rd February 2023. The session witnessed valuable insights from Vishal Prakash Shah, CEO and Co-Founder of Synersoft and Mr. Jay Desai, Founder, White Lotus Consultants.
The webinar focussed on Entrepreneurs by educating them on how to build smarter teams to deal with the recession and grow their businesses. The prevalent global crisis following the pandemic, prolonging war-like situation, and the resurgence of Covid&19 in China has been a clear indication to an impending recession. It is predicted that Indian businesses would be vastly impacted during this phase. The webinar discussed on the required design to give interesting insights to Indian MSMEs on how to attain resilience during recession by adopting data-driven team building and management. This webinar was about the commitment on bringing knowledge-oriented sessions to the MSMEs sector.
Speaking on the theme of the webinar, Mr. Vishal Prakash Shah, CEO and Co-Founder at Synersoft Technologies, said, “The key to success in building business is to build a strong and potential team. Businesses could only develop with the right human resource placed at the right work. Henceforth, a training and learning culture is the most valuable procedure for strengthening your team and helping various businesses to develop effectively during crisis.”
Speaking on Team Strengthening strategies, Founder, White Lotus Consultants, Mr. Jay Desai, said, “All entrepreneurs throughout the world will face difficulties during the recession. Having said that, it would be advised for all organisations to strengthen their internal resources by using the proper skill set in accordance with company needs. Every firm must have a minimum requirement for the recruiting criteria in order to manage the manpower. A corporation needs effective solutions delivered at the appropriate time. Always build a solid foundation so that you can withstand times of crisis. The ideal workplace culture is another crucial consideration since it demonstrates the tasks and responsibilities of the business. Through staff evaluations and awards, this might be put into effect. Moreover, this promotes staff motivation and encourages employees to stay with the firm and advance their careers for the benefit of both.”

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