BSF brought back kidnapped minor daughter of silver smuggler


Desk: BSF brought back kidnapped minor daughter of silver smuggler namely Harish Mondal(name changed) from the border village of Tarali, who is a convicted criminal. Abducted minor daughter namely Teena Mondal(name changed) was brought back to her country due to the tireless efforts of the Border Security Force.

The minor was trapped in the love of a Bangladeshi citizen on 07 March, 2021 and she eloped to Bangladesh. As soon as the news of the kidnapping of the minor was reached to the Commanding Officer of 112 Batallion BSF Sh. Arun Kumar, he immediately contacted the Commander Officer of Bangladesh Border Guards and informed about the kidnapping of an Indian minor girl by a Bangladeshi citizen.

The tireless efforts of the Border Guards of the both countries enabled the safe return of the abducted minor daughter. After the medical examination of the abducted minor daughter, the minor was handed over to the next of kin. Border Guard Forces of both countries ensured humanitarian action in very short span which is highly appreciably.


The Commanding Officer of 112 Batallion, Sh. Arun Kumar said that the father of the abducted girl had earlier been involved in smuggling of silver, for which he has also been punished by the court. But the 112 Batallion, while displaying their values for humanity, has brought the minor girl back to her country after talks at the international level.

Girl’s family thanked BSF

Family members have expressed their gratitude to the BSF 112 Batalion on the successful return of their daughter.

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