BSF arrested 3 smugglers with 90 KG metal scrap

Desk: Vigilante troops of Border Out Post Madupur, Ad-hoc Batallion South Bengal apprehended three Indian smuggler and seized 90 kg raw metal worth Rs 1,35,000/- in Distt Nadia WB.

On 11 March, 2021 a specific information was received from BSF Intelligence Branch regarding smuggling of some contraband items in the area of Border Out Post Madupur. Basic of information Border Out Post Madupur carried out a special patrolling in said area. At about 2125 hrs a Bolero(Reg No. WB 20 H 6662) was stopped on the way of village Mahakola by patrolling party as per information.

Patrolling party search the bolero and apprehended three men along with three sacks of metal scraps and bolero. After that apprehended persons along with seized items brought to Border Out Post Rangiyapota.
During preliminary questioning they revealed their identity as follows:-
i. Atiqur Rehman Mondal S/o Alauddin Mondal age 31years
ii. Saiful Biswas S/o late Kalim Biswas, age 42 years
iii. Kharijul islam S/o Israfil Mondal, age 33 years

All above belonging to address Vill- Hathkola, PO-Mahakola,PS-Chapra, Nadia,WB, India.  Further Atiqur Rehman Mondal revealed that today after drinking too much he contacted his associate in Bangladesh namely Lakim Mondal and asked him to bring the metal scrap and he was about to hand over it to a person namely Rahidul of Vill Hathkola for 10,000 rupees. The vehicle bolero entered IBBR on the pretext of carrying a sick person.

Saiful Biswas revealed that he is indulged in all types of Trance border crimes. He throws consignments or performs line man duty at times for his financial needs. He is a close associate of Atiqur Rehman as they were relatives maternally.
Kharijul Islam revealed that he is a school teacher at Uttar Hathkola primary school and he teaches math there since 2011 and he is salaried up to 11,000 by the school and he never involved in any type of crimes till date. Today as Atikur was his nephew he went with him till Chapra where the other two drank and he was only with them and he does not have any idea of what was happening.

Apprehended persons along with seized items had been handed over to police station Bhimpur, for further legal action.

BSF is taking strong steps to curb the smuggling on Indo – Bangladesh Border. Due to which smugglers are feeling difficulties to carry out their notorious activities in the bordering area. Many of them are being caught and booked for committing crime.

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