Broadway Celebrates The Maverick Bob Dylan With A Tribute To His Timeless Songs

Gear up for a special event this Sunday, as Broadway is celebrating their annual Bob Dylan tribute evening at 7 pm. Raise a toast to “Mr. Tambourine Man” as Broadway comes forward to celebrate his birthday, just a few days in advance.


Prominent artists like Errol & Stu, Bibhubrata, Rahul Guha Roy, Durjoy Choudhury, and MOJO will all present their renditions of Dylan’s timeless classics through the evening.


Entry is free for all and the evening is all about delectable food and drinks, along with the greatest classic Rockstar’s unforgettable numbers. All Rock and Dylan fans do take this opportunity to share in the magic with friends and family. Come, spend a relaxed and enjoyable evening at Broadway to on Sunday, 21st May from 7 pm onwards.

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