Broadway Celebrates Bob Dylan’s Birthday In Style!

Last Sunday could not get any better as Broadway Hotel opened its door to let everyone gather for an evening celebrating Bob Dylan’s birthday. The genius who needs no introduction, turns 82 on May 24, and on Sunday, music lovers (or should we say Dylan fans) were left mesmerised by stalwarts from across the city, who kept rendering their favourite Dylan numbers for a few hours.
Delectable food, amazing ambience, warm hospitality topped with timeless Dylan tracks by artistes like Errol & Stu, Bibhubrata Acharjee, MOJO, Durjoy Choudhury, Rahul Guha Roy kept the audiences hooked till the end.
Such was the vibe at the venue, that even a few from the audience came up to join the artists to sing along.
The day ended on a musical high with the audience participating and singing along to some of Dylan’s best-loved songs.
Raghav Sehgal, proprietor, Broadway Hotel noted: “We have always wanted to revive classic rock, jazz and blues in Calcutta. It was very prominent in the ’80s’ but dwindled over time. Artists approached us that there aren’t too many venues that give jazz and folk artists a chance to display their talent. Hence, a lot of them move to other
metropolitan cities. The bar at Broadway Hotel is a Heritage Bar, and this music goes with the theme of transporting you to a by-gone era. So we started music here with the aim of providing musicians with a venue
to display their skills and for the older audience to relive their nostalgia as well as for the younger audience to experience this music live. Jaimin and I discussed that we should do throwbacks and tributes of legendary artists at Broadway. Bob Dylan is a legend who inspired a lot of these musicians to pick up the guitar. On his birthday last year, we saw this as the perfect opportunity to do so, and this is the second year that we are doing a tribute to Dylan a few days before his birthday.”
Thanks to Broadway for organising such a memorable event as a precursor to Dylan’s birthday which kept everyone longing for more. Here’s hoping that such evenings happen more often to let everyone rejoice and
recharge themselves again!
Broadway Hotel has plans to do concerts more on artists of the bygone era, and they have live music shows every Sunday. Music lovers can head there to spend a lovely evening with food and music!

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