Bringing smiles to needy this Durga puja


What better way to celebrate the Pujas than to bring smiles to the faces of those for whom the festival means little?

 Even in today’s digital age, Puja or celebration mean having just a few handfuls of hot rice to some not-so-fortunate people. While society is getting back to normalcy, this disadvantaged section of the society is still fighting with hunger and of course with the dreaded Corona. Puja is just another day for the Unemployed, physically disabled and blind people, in their fight for survival are waiting for the light of hope to dawn on their lives.


An NGO have come forward to help the underprivileged during this difficult times of covid pandemic.” We at Baranagar PETALS have been striving for the last 6 years to accomplish this noble task. This year we have received more than 500 requests from our needy friends across Bengal – from Bangaon to Burdwan, from Kalyani to Kakinara and Dattapukur, from Basirhat to Behala. Their only plea is that their families may also be treated to a dish of delicacies food during these days of celebrations. We are ensuring that the ration reaches their doorsteps, following all protocols of social distancing and sanitizing. Goddess Durga symbolizes the image of solidarity and harmony. It is said that a mother loves all her children and would be happier if we children share amongst ourselves the abundance we received from Her Grace. We PETALS are bringing cheer to these families, with the distribution of rations for their whole family for the whole of this month. Let us ensure that all her children relish the Govinda Bhog khichuri , Allu Posto (potato with poppy seed paste), Maida Luchi and Suji. Let us celebrate the victory of good over evil, the victory of humanity, the victory of truth. ” said the organisers.

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