Bringing festive spirit of Christmas to the underprivileged children

 Christmas is Coming!  and it is time to share joy and happiness. Keeping that in mind, Famous Emcee, Anneysha Thakker organized an educational workshop and Christmas Celebration for the underprivileged kids of the Hope Kolkata Foundation today in the presence of Ms. Jessica Gomes Surana, Principal, Loretto Convent, Entally. The occasion witnessed the participation of more than 100 children of age 8 to 16 years from Hope Kolkata Foundation.

It was a winter workshop for the underprivileged children, where the children were exposed and engaged in recreational and skill building activities. The main aim to organize this workshop was to spend a day with these innocent little kids and to bring these children a step closer to the fast-moving lifestyle in today’s times. It helps the children to indulge in the festive fervor and get their creative juices flowing.

Present on the occasion, Ms. Anneysha Thakker, Curator the workshop said “It such a pleasure to be among these happy faces. I have always been a part of such joyful moments and this is my first time organizing such workshops for the underprivileged children. Celebrations acquire a new meaning when it is celebrated with sharing and caring in mind. These exciting activities will let children enjoy a winter of never ending fun and end the year on a happy note.”

The day witnessed some fun filled activities like Communicative English which helped in facilitating the children to have simple conversations in English and to remove all inhibitions to respond in the language, Non- Flame Cooking Session where the kids learned independently satiate their hunger when alone, Calculative Mathematics which enabled the children to manage their money on their own, Mind Reading Session which was an entertaining approach for the kids to see some amazing tricks which they might even pick up a few of them, Gaming Session which  added a fun element to the event, Dance Session where the kids dance on famous Bollywood tunes, A session on Good & Bad Touch essential for all the kids to understand which touch is acceptable and which is not &Craft Learning Session for the kids to learn to make something useful.

The session concluded on positive thoughts and messages which will help every Child to lead any change with more conviction and confidence as well as improve their daily life. It offered an opportunity for the kids to end the month of December in Love, Peace, Hope, and Joy.

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