‘Borderless Doctors’ Symposium

Borderless Doctors is a group of leading gastro-intestinal surgeons from most of the SAARC countries such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, Bhutan, Nepal, Afghanistan and India, founded in 2019 on the virtual platform. When the Taliban took over Afghanistan most of the leading surgeons were compelled to leave their country and their active participation was stalled. Still they enthusiastically took part in the group’s Zoom meetings from their temporary places of residence in Europe and the USA. Later surgeons of Maldives joined the group.


Dr. Satyapriya De Sarkar said, “Our initial work in Borderless Doctors was twofold:- 1) “Know your neighbour”. A member introduces his/her city to the other members by showing a video for 20 minutes. The cities of Rangpur, Colombo, Dharan, Rajahmundry and Karachi were presented in this way. 2) ‘Group Discussion’. Members from all the countries share their experience and expertise about one particular type of surgery. This was followed by 18 online classes over a period of 4 months when over 100 surgeons from member countries were trained in intestinal endoscopy and were given certificates. One senior teacher of surgery from each member country was also felicitated. In the next phase online courses were conducted on Laser surgery, Hernia surgery, Robotic Surgery, AI in endoscopy etc.”
He added, “On 18.02.2023 three Hernia surgeries with the latest techniques were telecast from Kolkata and participation of surgeons from India and the member countries was commendable. It is also noteworthy that the chairman of the Endoscopy Board of the Indian Association of Gastro-intestinal Endosurgeons (IAGES) is from Kolkata for the last four years. Since its formation in 2018, this board has been working for endoscopy training and fellowship examination of Indian endoscopic surgeons. Over a thousand of surgeons have received this fellowship so far. On 19.05.23 the Olympus company will sponsor a hands-on endoscopy training and examination in Digestive Surgery Clinic, a new centre in Kolkata with the latest equipments, for surgeons from Eastern India. “

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