Bongs Love for Festivals and Wishes Trended on ShareChat

ShareChat, India’s largest regional social media platform, has announced its 2019 UGC Trendz report for West Bengal today. The report talks about the key UGC trends and topics that are driving online conversations amongst its mn of Bengali language users in 2019. 


“Wishes”, that include New Year Wishes, Good Morning, Bijoya Dashami, Deepabali Wishes, has topped the rank with 27% users creating/posting content on the genre this year. Bengal’s love for “Romance and Relationships” trended at #2 spot with 26%. 


ShareChat witnessed that maximum Wishes are being shared between 6 am and 8 am. However, men are most active between 8 am and 10 am, while women prefer to be in active sharing mode between 6 am and 8 am. Content creation and posting on ShareChat majorly happens during 8 pm to 10 pm. 


Growth of Video Content 

Per ShareChat 2019 Trendz report, people spent over 106 mn hours on the platform to consume over 3.5 mn user generated videos. More than 14.5 mn UGC were created on ShareChat by its users which got more than 36 mn WhatsApp shares this year, indicating an upward trend. Everyday, around 658 hours of videos gets uploaded on the platform, with an average of 16.7 seconds video play.


This trend is motivated by some exciting features and content on the platform that includes camera filters, audio filters and wishes, helping the users to create /consume some interesting content on their smartphones. 



2019 Top Moments for West Bengal

A thorough analysis on hashtags trending from West Bengal reveals that people are mostly engaged for mostly involved with their festival celebrations.  Here are the top 5 moments on ShareChat in 2019 :-

1.       Durga Puja

2.       Rakhi Purnima

3.       Poila Boishakh

4.       Mahishasur moment*

5.    Kali Puja

*Users explored ShareChat camera and video filter and put their Ashur-like laugh moment as pre-Durga Puja celebration  

Commenting on the West Bengal Trendz report, Mr Sunil Kamath, Chief Business Officer,ShareChat said “West Bengal is known for their love for food, culture, liberal outlook for life and society and intellectual thinking but nothing can supersede their love for festivals and their celebration spirit. Bengali has been one of the most popular language on ShareChat as it encourages users to connect and interact in their native language. We have grown phenomenally in Bengali over the years and the growth is completely attributed to our creators.  We will continue to focus on Bengali and continue to encourage our creators to achieve scale and growth through the platform.”

In 2019, ShareChat witnessed the growth in the number of first time internet users joining the social media bandwagon with the availability of social media in their regional languages and participated actively in contributing to user generated content in native languages. The year also epitomized user-generated content in regional Indian languages well and truly coming into its own, with over 14.5 mn posts in formats spanning images, videos, gifs according to findings from ShareChat’s 2019 Year End Trendz Report from West Bengal

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