Bharti Ghosh revealed the secret of his red shawl

Desk: For the West Bengal Assembly elections, the Bharatiya Janata Party has nominated former IPS officer Bharti Ghosh from Debra Assembly constituency in West Midnapore district. Our correspondent had a special conversation with Mrs. Ghosh. Our correspondent posed some questions to them, to which Bharti Ghosh responded very easily. For a few days, Bharti Ghosh has been seen campaigning continuously in the Debra region.

When asked, what does she feel about the public mood during the election campaign?

On this, she said that the people of Debra and Bengal have a complete mood that this time only the BJP government will come to power. According to her, the people of Bengal are now ready to say goodbye to Mamata Banerjee’s party Trinamool Congress and hand over the rule of Bengal to Modi Ji.

When asked if the BJP government comes to Bengal, what kind of change will be seen here, because Modi ji shouts the slogan ‘paschim bengal me asal poriborton hobe’ in his rallies?

On this, she said that the manifesto has been published by the BJP, in which it has been said to bring changes in every category. It talks about the safety of women, free government buses for women, free education for girls, free treatment for all, reservation of 30% for women in government jobs and many more changes. The meaning of real elevation will be known to the public when the Bharatiya Janata Party will come to power under the leadership of Modi ji after the elections.

When asked if they are facing some kind of trouble?

In response to this, she said that the police keep searching for the opportunity to create obstacles in their rally all the time. According to her, both the police and the Trinamool Congress have united. The police is creating problems for the BJP.

When she was asked what issues she would prioritize after winning from Debra region?

She replied that she would give priority to ordinary people and would try to remove all their problems.

After this, our correspondent questioned her about her red shawl, that ever since she is engaged in campaigning, she is being seen with a red shawl.

Is there anything special about this shawl?

In response to this, she told that this is the blessing of maa Katyayani. She always keeps her red shawl with her while doing some important work. She says that with the blessings of maa Katyayani and the support of the public, only the BJP will come to power in Bengal this time.

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