‘Bengal wants her daughter’: An emotional slogan by TMC before West Bengal poll

Sohini Biswas, Desk

The Trinamool Congress has tossed the slogan of ‘Bengal wants their daughter’, frolicking the emotional card before the 2021 Bengal assembly elections, officially at its Kolkata headquarters.

Bangla nijer meykei chae

In Bengali language it is being titled “Bangla nijer meykei chae”. It is understood that through this, TMC will have an upper hand to the matter of Local vs. Outsider in the elections.

Hoardings are perceived throughout Kolkata

bangla nijer meye ke chae HOARDING

Hoardings with pictures of Mamta Banerjee with related slogans (Bengal wants their daughter) are perceived throughout Kolkata.

We do not want to fetch any outsider : Partha Chatterjee

partha chatterjee

Trinamool Congress General Secretary, Partha Chatterjee, said that the folks of Bengal want their daughter, who has been with them as chief minister for the preceding numerous years.
In Bengal, we do not want to fetch any outsider. TMC has an unpleasant political war with the BJP. He articulates that these leaders have come to visit Bengal all through the election season only.

TMC concentrating on the women’s vote bank

bangla nijer meye kei chai

In advance of the assembly elections in Bengal, the party’s scope seems to be “Bohiragato”, steering the outsiders and concentrating on the women’s vote bank.
Mamta Banerjee’s admiration among women is quite profound.
Mamta Banerjee tries to bond straight with the women and asks them to fight directly with the thugs in every election rally.

TMC to take advantage of the fame of Mamata Banerjee

Trinamool Congress’s tries to take advantage of the fame of Mamata Banerjee, the party’s prime face.
If BJP does not announce any chief ministerial aspirant in Bengal, then the topic of not having a prominent leader in front of Mamta Banerjee will not go unexploited by TMC.

outside want to destroy the culture of Bengal : Abhishek Banerjee

While addressing a rally in Nagerkata and making an emotional plea to voters, Abhishek, a Trinamool Congress MP, asked, should the daughter of Bengal kneel in front of Delhi, “I want to ask my mothers and sisters… Do you want the daughter of Bengal to surrender the pride of the state and bow down to Delhi? Some people from outside want to destroy the culture of Bengal. Will you allow such people to do this?” TMC has a packed slogan, “send outsiders out, Bengal needs its daughter”.

Countering slogan ‘Jai Shri Ram’ with ‘Jai Siya Ram’

Mamta Banerjee is also aiming the BJP with the slogan ‘Jai Shri Ram’. Mamta said, she will force them (BJP) to say ‘Jai Hind’ and ‘Jai Bangla’ as the public will force them to say ‘Jai Siya Ram’.

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