Beauty Pageant Provide a Platform for Women Empowerment

The lockdown period of Covid-19 has been really tough for everyone but it also helped people to stop and think about what they really wanted from their life. It made people look within and find out what they want to achieve in their life. Amidst everything, women are the one who were greatly affected by it all. Their busy schedules never let them to think about anything else, but the stagnant world helped them rekindle their creativity and follow their dreams.

Hina Kauser of company Pink Roses Entertainment through organising Mr Miss Mrs India International 2021- Season Two Kolkata has tried her best to give a platform to every woman who loves to dream big and showcase their talent in front of the world.

Bollywood actor Rahul Roy, popularly known from ‘Aashiqui’, was the chief guest of event. Rahul Roy said “I firmly believe that events like these are for empowered young women who have a vision of making themselves stronger and better, and to empower other women to do the same, and come together as one.  The focus on empowerment is something that the organiser, ,Hina Kauser is passionate about, more than just the physical beauty of the women who compete.”


Competitors from different categories participated in this fashion show. The winner of the Miss category is Adrika. The winner of Mrs. category is Swati Chhabra. Mrs. Platinum is Sonali Ganguly. On the other hand winner of Mr. category is Rohit Raj Haldar. Jisal Ali in the Mr. Teen category and Samran Jenny in the Miss Teen category were selected as the winners. On this day, musician Dalia Mitra captivated the audience with the magic of her voice.

Hina Kauser, who is the winner of the 2019 Mrs. Asia pageant, simultaneously an actress, model and social worker said ,” Our aim is to empower women to develop the confidence they need to achieve their best in personal. A Confident woman has the power to make real change, starting in her local community with the potential to reach a global audience. We encourages every woman to get out of her shell, be herself and continue to show the world what it means to be a “CONFIDENTLY BEAUTIFUL WOMEN”.

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