Bank of Baroda inaugurates Baroda Kisan Pakhwada

 Bank of Baroda has inaugurated the “Baroda Kisan Pakhwada” with a view to augment Government of India’s efforts to provide increased financial services to all, to enhance the flow of advances in agriculture sector and to double the income of farmers.

Bank of Baroda had undertaken the initiative of Baroda Kisan Pakhwada across the country which had reaped huge success. Over 2,40,817 farmers were benefitted by the various activities conducted by various branches of the Bank.  It has been decided to continue organizing this unique initiative this year too which will be conducted between 1st October and 15th October.  The initiative will be concluded on 16th October by celebrating “Baroda Kisan Divas” which coincides with the World Food Day.  “Baroda Kisan Divas” celebrates the spirit and vigour of our farmers and it also aims at promoting increase in advances in rural and agriculture sectors.

“Baroda Kisan Pakhwada” is a pan-India initiative of Bank of Baroda which is celebrated at all its branches with lots of cheer and energy.  This initiative promotes more and more farmers to get connected with the services of the Bank.  As a part of the “Baroda Kisan Pakhwada” various programs are organized by various branches of the Bank such as Farmers’ Fairs, Evening meetings in villages, health check-up camps for farmers as well as cattle, Farmers’ Conferences, Financial Literacy Camp, Felicitation Events for farmers etc.  Baroda Kisan Pakhwada and Baroda Kisan Divas aim at increasing levels / flows of credit in rural and agriculture sector.

Expressing thoughts on this unique initiative General Manager & Zonal Head Shri Arvind Lohi said, “At Bank of Baroda, we are doing innovative and pioneering work in agriculture and rural areas while maintaining the Bank’s heritage. The Government of India has been continuously working hard on new initiatives by paying unprecedented attention to agricultural sector, to secure productivity, interests of farmers and to increase their income levels and improve their standard of living. The innovative initiatives by Bank of Baroda and the efforts of the Government are in line with the efforts being made to empower the farmers at every stage and to improve the growth level and support the national goal of productivity. The Government of India aspires to double the income of farmers by 2022 and we endeavor to put in all our efforts to make the Government’s initiative a success. Similarly, it is also important to spread financial literacy among farmers so that they can be saved from clutches of moneylenders and approach nationalized banks to fulfil their agro-based needs.”

Bank of Baroda has also published informative books, leaflets, pamphlets to promote this mission and also a booklet on agro loan products to assist farmers.  These will be instrumental in creating a medium of creating better future for agricultural sector and improving agriculture business for farmers.

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