Bandhan Bank joins hands with Kolkata Metro

Bandhan Bank will now touch the daily lives of Kolkata residents in one more manner. In a new development announced today, Bandhan Bank’s logo will now be seen on smart cards that the Kolkata Metro will issue to commuters. In nearly four decades of its existence, this is the first time that Kolkata Metro has joined hands to help a brand leverage the Metro’s vast user base through an exclusive medium.

Metro Railway was established in Kolkata in 1984 and has been the backbone of everyday commuters in the city. Similarly, Bandhan Bank has been an integral part of the lives of a vast base of loyal and happy customers, built through and extensive branch network in the city. The Bank has, since its inauguration in 2015, expanded its reach to become a true pan-India bank. Incidentally, Bandhan Bank is the first bank to be set up in Eastern India after independence. The coming together of two iconic institutions of the city to leverage each other’s popularity, is surely a landmark event for the city.

Kolkata Metro launched its first smart card in 2011. Today, about 5 lakh people use the metro smart card for their daily commute.

Speaking on the association, Chandra Shekhar Ghosh, Managing Director and CEO of Bandhan Bank, said, “We are privileged to partner Kolkata Metro. Every Kolkata citizen is proud of the metro, which was the first in the country and has been the lifeline of the ‘City of Joy’. Bandhan Bank was also born on this soil and is now present across the country. I am sure, the citizens of this city will be happy to know about the coming together of two of their favourite brands. The branding of the smart cards helps us to gain immense visibility and I am happy that Kolkata Metro chose us to be a part of its first-of-its-kind partnership format.”

Manoj Joshi, General Manager, Metro Railway, said, “On behalf of Metro Railway, Kolkata, I extend our best wishes to Bandhan Bank in their endeavours.”


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