Azaadi Ke Rang Manao Kamdhenu Ke Sang

Kamdhenu Paints, a leading manufacturer of high quality paint and emulsion in the country, announces Independence Day campaign on its social media platform – #AzaadiKeRang.

Azaadi Ke Rang Manao Kamdhenu Ke Sang to convey how India, showed different colors of freedom. The campaign will consist of a series of videos highlighting current social issues. A video on 15th August to thank the unsung heroes of the nation, Doctors, Nurses, Teachers, Sweepers and even the Painters who venture into our house to make it look good and safe.

The video component of the campaign will focus on how Azaadi means there is equality in education and how a girl can get the same education as a boy. Azaadi from child labour will be the theme of the other video and will showcase the practise of child labour and the difference education can make to a child who is a victim of child labour.

The campaign will also showcase videos thanking the unsung heroes of the nation. From doctors and nurses to the daily wage labourer working to make this country a great nation. Through lively visual and heart touching footage of everyday heroes the campaign will highlight the contribution of the unsung heroes in helping the patients and fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mr. Satish Kumar Agarwal, CMD, Kamdhenu Paints said, “The nation owes gratitude to the unsung heroes who have made immense contributions in the fight against the pandemic. As we celebrate this Independence Day, we must also pledge to fight social problems such as child labour and work towards ensuring equal access for girls in education. We at Kamdhenu are thankful to the everyday heroes and pledge to ensure that social evils are eliminated and every child irrespective of gender has equal and equitable access to education for a better future.”

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