Awareness programme on mental health

“Kolkata Mental Health Fair 2020” – a unique mental health awareness drive will commence on Thursday – 9 January, 2020. This is the first time ever Mental Health Fair in the world which will continue for 4-days till 12th January to reach out to maximum number of people from a wide spectrum of the community. The fair is being organised by Kolkata Psychiatric Association and Institute of Psychiatry (IOP).

Psychiatrist from across the country, mental health professionals, NGOs, psychologists, counsellors, students, nurses, mental health care givers have joined hands to make this grand initiative a milestone in building awareness about mental illness and creating a conducive eco-system to provide best possible support to help people recover from psychological illness.

Dr.Pradip Saha, Secretory, organising committee and Director, Institute of Psychiatry commented, “Mental health scenario in the whole world is very alarming but there is still a stigma attached to mental illness. The understanding and awareness about mental health is very poor and that is why mental illness is underdiagnosed and underreported. People do not pay attention to their mental wellbeing and end up with severe depression, anxiety disorder, stress and many other diseases which they can recover with professional health care support.

Our aim is to generate awareness about Mental Health and erase the stigma attached to it. Modern Research and Innovations have enabled us with ample possibility of successfully treating mental disorder. State of the art technology can do wonder in this sphere of medical treatment.”

Dr. Saha also added. “We are excited about Mental Health Fair 2020 and I also believe that this will create a lasting impact in the minds of common people. There will be talks on various interesting topics like Child and Adolescent Mood Disorders, Substance Abuse, Behavioural Health, Wellness and Recovery, available treatment and services etc. There will be technical session for medical professionals. We have arranged interesting quiz sessions, cultural programmes to attract maximum number of participants.”

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