Awareness on Stroke on World Stroke Day

A stroke is a medical emergency. There is a 6-letter word called BEFAST. Everyone should know this word to recognize stroke symptoms. B = Balance (problem in walking/ standing), E= Eye (problem in vision), F= Face (asymmetry of face or drooping of a side of face while speaking/smiling), A= Ann (one arm is weak or falling when trying to raise both arms), S= Speech (slurred Speech or trouble speaking/understanding), T= Time (time is the most important factor. After a suspected stroke, one must reach a stroke ready hospital without wasting a single minute

I-NK observed the World Stroke Day and the following Stroke Services and divisions was launched :
1. Commissioning of Comprehensive Stroke Center, 2. Launch of RAPID Al system in acute Stroke imaging 3. Inauguration of Stroke Prevention Clinic 4. Launch of an Acute Stroke Management short film for patient awareness prepared by Institute of Neurosciences to build awareness in the society about stroke.

I-NK is a comprehensive Stroke Center , which has everything required to treat a stroke patient of any severity at any time of the night or day.  Prof (Dr) R.P. Sengupta, OBE (Founding Chairman & MD),Prof Alastair Buchan, Professor of Stroke Medicine, Former Pro-VC and Dean of Medical Faculty, University of Oxford ,  Prof Andrew Demchuk, Director of Stoke Program and Professor of Neurology, University of Calgary, Canada ,  Prof Jeyaraj Pandian, President of Indian Stroke Association and Vice-President, World Stroke Organization, Principal and Dean, CMC Ludhiana joined the event virtually.  Joint-Convenors of the program,Dr Jayanta Roy(Director of Stroke Program), Dr Sukalyan Purkayastha(Head of Neuro intervention), Dr Suparno Ganguly (Director of Neuro Rehabilitation) shared their thoughts along with the Chief Guest Prof Suhrita Paul (VC, WBUHS), Guest of Honor Swami Atmapriyananda ji, Pro-Chancellor, RKMVERI and Ms Alakananda Roy.

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