Awareness campaign on the harms of tobacco use

On the occasion of World No Tobacco Day 2022, HCG EKO Cancer Hospital, Kolkata conducted an on-ground tobacco awareness campaign across traffic junctions in Kolkata. This awareness campaign was initiated to spread awareness on the ill-effects of tobacco consumption and production.

A group of people stood with placards with various messages like ‘Say No to Tobacco, Say Yes To Life’ ‘Health or Tobacco, choice is yours’ ‘Cancer isn’t a joke. Put down that Smoke’ ‘Quit tobacco, Greet Life’ etc atmajortraffic junctions in the city,including Biswa Bangla Gate, Newtown ,College More and Salt Lake Sector 5.

World No Tobacco Day 2022 theme is focused on ‘Protecting the Environment’. The theme focuses on the negative effects of tobacco on people’s health and the environment. It emphasizes how people frequently overlook tobacco’s devastating environmental impact.Tobacco is the biggest cause of avoidable mortality globally. Although these tobacco products have a drastic effect on the human body and the environment, yet the steps taken to address the is only the bare minimum.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Rajeev Sharan, Sr. Consultant and HOD, Head &Neck Cancer and Thyroid Surgery, said “It is necessary for people to understand the negative effects of tobacco consumption. Consumption of such harmful products leads to various forms of cancer, chronic respiratory diseases, and even cardiac-related issues. The problem with tobacco products such as cigarettesalso affects those in close proximity to the consumer. Therefore, it is time, we stay safe and stay away from these harmful habits to lead a healthier lifestyle.”

Acknowledging the campaign,Arnab S Raha, Chief Operating Officer, HCG EKO Cancer Centre, “It gives me great privilege to be part of this on-ground campaign. HCG has always strived to spread awareness on the ill-effects of tobacco-related products. Through this on-ground campaign we are taking a stand not just against the usage of tobacco products but also for safeguarding the environment against this deadly pollutant.  It is time for the peoplefrom ‘The City of Joy’ to join hands and curb this habit at the outset, to lead a happier and healthier life.”

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