Ascensive Educare,Tally sign MoU to empower individuals for career advancement

Ascensive Educare Ltd. and Tally Education Pvt. Ltd. have formed a strategic alliance to strengthen skill
development initiatives and empower individuals for career advancement. Through a Memorandum of
Understanding (MOU), they will deliver industry-leading Tally certifications, equipping individuals with
relevant skills and enhancing employability.
Tally Education Pvt. Ltd., is a subsidiary of Tally Solutions, offering industry-leading courses and
certifications in Computerized Accounting with Tally. TEPL’s certifications on the latest TallyPrime
version open new job opportunities for professionals. TEPL collaborates with institutes, colleges,
government departments, and partners to enhance the skills and career possibilities of India’s youth
through vocational education , has partnered with Ascensive Educare Ltd., an NSDC accredited training
partner. This collaboration represents a significant milestone in creating a skilled workforce. Together,
they aim to provide comprehensive Tally certifications to aspiring youth and professionals. The
collaboration will include training programs, mentorship initiatives, and job placements for certified
individuals, ensuring comprehensive development and practical experience.
Ascensive Educare Ltd. and Tally Education Pvt. Ltd. are dedicated to empowering individuals,
particularly the youth, by enabling them to excel in their careers and contribute to economic growth.
Ms. Bhuwaneshwari B, CEO of Tally Education Pvt. Ltd., highlighted their commitment to leverage the
opportunities brought by computerization and GST adoption. The partnership will enhance the
availability of skilled resources for both established and emerging firms, with collaborations worldwide
to enhance youth employability.
Mr. Abhijit Chatterjee, CEO of Ascensive Educare Ltd. and Chairman of Ascensive Group, expressed
excitement about the strategic alliance . He said : “The partnership aims to enhance employability and
professional growth through industry-leading Tally certifications , we will deliver comprehensive skill
development programs, leveraging their expertise to build a skilled workforce for today’s competitive
job market.
Both organizations foresee the transformative impact of this collaboration, empowering individuals and
driving economic growth. With recognized certifications that validate skills and competencies, Tally
Education Pvt. Ltd. and Ascensive Educare Ltd. are confident in their ability to empower individuals for
career success in a rapidly evolving job market.

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