Arunita Kanjilal, Top 6 contestant of Indian Idol 12 talks about the show and her experience

The pitch perfect singer of Indian Idol 12, Arunita Kanjilal is a young girl from Kolkata. Putting together marquee performances one after the other, she has won the hearts of the judges, fellow contestants and viewers. The list does not end here, she has already recorded a song for Himesh Reshammiya and has received recording contracts from Bappi Lahiri and recently from Karan Johar for Dharma Productions. Voice as sweet as sugar, Arunita Kanjilal has successfully secured her seat and made her way in the Top 6. Along with her fellow contestants, she will be seen putting forward some mind-blowing acts for Indian Idol 12’s ‘Greatest Finale Ever’ which will go on for 12 hours on 15th August. The first ever for a reality show to have a 12 hour long finale.




Basis our candid conversation with Top 6 finalist Arunita Kanjilal, here are the excerpts:




1.        The Greatest Finale Ever of Indian Idol Season 12 is here. It is going to be a 12 hour finale! A firsts in many ways. How excited or nervous are you?


Firstly, I’m so glad that Indian Idol Season 12 has been the first ever reality show to be the longest running ever. And now a 12 hour finale. This season has been the first to be able to pull something like this. So happy to be a contestant this season. This 12 hour finale is really huge and exciting. There are going to be so many acts, performances, special guests and a lot of surprise in store for the audiences. I have a couple of acts and have been practicing day and night to give the viewers a power-packed performance. I’m looking forward to the finale of the season.




2.        Being one of the top 6 contestants on the show, how has your preparation been and, how has it been different from others?


Being a part of Top 6 is a really huge thing for me. I ensure that I riyaaz daily and catch the notes correctly. I sit with our mentors to get an in-depth understanding of the tune and I always try to incorporate something that makes the song mine, a little. A harkat, nazakhat, something. All of us practice together and constantly push one another to do better.




3.        Did you imagine coming this far? Can you elaborate the journey from you city to the prestigious stage of Indian Idol?


Secretly, I hoped for it. Its an honor for me to be able to make it so far. This season has witnessed some great gems and kudos to Indian Idol 12 to be able to find such talented fellow contestants. This stage has offered me so much that no words will ever be able to describe them. This journey has been epic for me and I couldn’t have asked for something more.




4.        Tell us about some of the best moments you experienced on Indian Idol 12.


My experience at Indian Idol 12 has been amazing. There have been so many special guests who have graced the sets to offer their blessings to all of us. All these moments are truly dear and special to me. If I were to highlight a few, it would definitely be the first time performing in front of AR Rahman Sir, being welcomed to the Dharma family, getting a recording contract from Bappi Da, and the list just continues to go on. I don’t know when to stop because there have been such great and grand moments with me.




5.        You and Pawandeep are very close friends and have picked up a lot of eyeballs. What is your take on this?


Yes, we’re really great friends and will always continue to be so. I thank everyone to show so much of love and appreciation to both of us. We have all come a long way and will always continue to support one another.




6.        From an ordinary girl to the most popular contestant,  Indian Idol has given you name and fame, your thoughts?


Like I mentioned earlier, word will fall short if I start thanking Indian Idol 12 for all that this platform has given me. All my dreams and aspirations seem to be getting fulfilled because of this prestigious stage. I have a lot of gratitude, respect towards each and every member of Indian Idol 12 for giving mot just me but my fellow contestants a platform to showcase their talents. Thank you, Indian Idol 12

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