App aims to help the underprivileged students access quality education

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we study and it is apparent in the way the usage of educational apps has increased drastically during recent times.Learning online rather than attending physical offline classes has become very popular in the current times. It is time-saving, flexible, and has no restraint of place. Plus, online learning provides us with a plethora of courses that might not be available otherwise.

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ClassRoute is the India’s first and only completely free learning app for the students of classes IX to XII, in vernacular language. A group of alumni from Jadavpur University, Calcutta University and IDS have come together and built this tree platform for all, particularly the underprivileged, students. We have launched the app.

Keeping the students’ mental health in mind, the free learning app is built in the form of a social media where education will be liberalized and given freely to all the students – irrespective of their economic capabilities The app has different modules in Bengali – Baithak Khana (Newsfeed), Aksathe Pori (Community Discussion),Prostuti Porbo (Question Bank), Bartalap (Chat within learners) and others.
“Keeping the HS examination in mind, we shall be serving all 10 lacs students of West Bengal in clearing all their questions for the next 40 days. Of course as mentioned, students’ will not have to pay anything eves fur these services.
There are social media  for entertainment, however – so, why can’t there be a social media for learning?”

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