Anglo-indian cuisine – a legacy of flavours from the past

The British Colonial era changed the way India and Indians did things. A permanent change that is seen even today, a change that gave birth to the Anglo-Indian way of life – a perfect amalgamation that allied the best of both worlds and transformed them forever.

The cuisine is a primary marker of the Anglo-Indian lifestyle and, like the hybrid culture, is a unique blend of Indian, British, and other European influences. Revisit and relish the historic cuisines from the Colonial Raj era at the Anglo Indian Food Festival at the , Chapter 2. Some of the known faces from the Anglo-Indian community were  present to grace the occasion. A special musical performance enhanced the mood and the guests thoroughly enjoyed the specially curated fare.


Anglo-Indian cuisine developed during the British rule in India when the ladies of British high official interacted with the Indian cooks.

“Anglo Indian cuisine has such a rich and vibrant history, and oftentimes we haven’t seen the colonial influence showcased in cuisine to the extent that one can experience at the Anglo-Indian food festival at Chapter 2. This food festival seeks to revive rustic flavors of Anglo-Indian cuisine. This Colonial influenced food festival features some of the authentic Anglo-Indian cuisine which can only be prepared at Anglo Indian households. Interestingly, our chef Sushanta’s grandfather Late Mr. Bijoy Holder worked as a chef at the legendary Skyroom, once a gastronome’s paradise and known for its Continental fare. Sushanta is now paying ultimate tribute to Kolkata’s culinary history by continuing his grandfather’s succession. We hope, the latest edition of the Anglo-Indian Food Festival will he thoroughly enjoyed by our patrons and guests”, said Shiladityo & Deboditya Chaudhury, Co-Founders, Chapter 2.

The Anglo-Indian menu will include dishes such as Cold Cucumber Soup, Beef Macaroni Soup, Railway 4 Prawn Cutlet, Beef Chilli Fry, Anglo Indian Mixed Vegetable Cutlet, Anglo Indian Pork Roast, Mixed Vegetable Foogath, Country Captain Chicken Curry, Pork Bhoonie, Pork Sorpotel, Prawn Balchao etc.

So come on over to satiate your palates and savour the flavours of history.

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