An anthology of ghost & paranormal stories by Victor Ghoshe

An anthology of ghost & paranormal stories in Bengali – PARANORMAL 2 by Victor Ghoshe was launched today at Oxford bookstore by the Veteran author, Sri Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay. An anthology of ghost & paranormal stories in Bengali – PARANORMAL 2 is Victor Ghose’s 4th Bengali book following the two back-to-back international bestsellers (English) – ‘The Job Charnock Riddle, and TOMB OF GOD, which brought him international fame and awards.

Paranormal 2 is a treat for readers who have been waiting for a Bengali book of eerie stories. The book assimilates stories such as – Lockdown E, Piche Piche Ghore, Raat Nijhum, Kaaktaliyo, Jogu Chowdhuryr Bagaan, Lekha, Concurrence, Sawmantoraal, Death Time Clinic, Kaal Prokkhep, etc. Ghoshe’s stories leave a unique cinematic imagery in the mind of the reader. His stories demonstrate a remarkable humanism, elaborate observation and subtle handling of characters and situations. Ghoshe’s work is a rare blend of life, sur-reality, human bonding and emotions. His style is controlled, precise, meticulous, and yet evokes deep emotional responses from readers. Surprisingly his stories portray a fine sense of sensitivity without using melodrama or dramatic excesses.

Paranormal 1 released in 2019 brought brilliant responses from readers from all over the world through the Covid-19 lockdown. This book reached out to rural households that didn’t have a proper address. The Kindle and e-book versions have been downloaded from every corner of the world (Europe, US, Australia, Asia-pacific) as ‘Bengali-reading people are everywhere’. That was the time I started getting emails from people all over, most of which elaborated one thought that they enjoyed my book Paranormal during the toughest time of the confined lives they have been through; they laughed, smiled, read and re-read to their family – who worked in the kitchen; they read it to their kids and for their next-door friends, ending up with a request for me so that I write more fantastic stories for them to enjoy. Thus, Paranormal 2 happened – on request, to be precise. I took one whole year to write the stories and all the illustrations and here it is for the world which I am sure my readers will thoroughly enjoy”, said author, Mr Victor Ghoshe.

Ghoshe primarily writes in the historical thriller and paranormal genres. Deeply researched, his historical thriller The Job Charnock Riddle topped the charts as an Amazon bestseller of 2016.

Paranormal 2 is priced at Rs 245/- and will be available in Starmark and leading stores alongside online platforms like Amazon & Flipkart.

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