‘Amazon Prime comes bearing the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day with its Referrals program

Still searching for the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day? – A gift that not only your loved one will cherish, but also has something in it for you?  Amazon Prime might have just heard you and curated the perfect solution to make the ‘day of love’ EXTRA sweet! The idea is to spread love among friends and family, with the recently launched Amazon Prime Referrals program for young adults in the 18-24-year-old age group.

Amazon Prime has a Youth Offer that gives 18–24-year-olds 50% off on their Prime membership. If you joined Prime through the Youth Offer, you can invite your 18-24 year old friends from the Prime Referrals page on the Amazon app by simply choosing them from your phone contact list. When your friend joins Prime and verifies his/her age, you will get 15-day free Prime membership extension and your friend gets a flat 60% cashback on the price of the Prime plan they have purchased.

Now that Amazon Prime has your gifting woes sorted, we also have for you a plan on how to enjoy the benefits that come with the membership on Valentine’s Day:


Shop till you drop! Not only is a Prime membership coming at half the cost, but it brings along a host of discounts on products across categories. Hence, this Valentine’s Day, enjoy unlimited FREE fast delivery of your favourite products with Amazon Prime’s One-Day and Two-Day deliveries.

Ditch going out. The hassle of booking reservations, following curfews are a little too much to stress on a special day. Thus, ditch the plan and stay in cause nothing’s more romantic than snuggling up with a loved one or even a blanket and streaming your favourite TV shows and movies. Treat yourself to the latest movies on Amazon Prime Video or a game night with your partner via Gaming with Prime while munching on snacks of your choice!

Create your own Jam! Let no clubs/pubs set your mood for the day. Partner with Alexa to enjoy unlimited ad-free music ranging from classics to pop. Let top celebrities across tens of millions of songs in multiple languages on Amazon Prime Music be your music partner for the day

You do you.  If the only part of socialising, you want to do this Valentine’s Day is giving gifts then more power to you! Send the gift and have a great alone time doing things you enjoy, like indulging in bestsellers across genres and hundreds of eligible, popular eBooks, at no additional cost with Prime Reading or challenging the gamer in you while enjoying free in-game content like exclusive collectibles, characters, skins, power ups, in game currency and Prime only tournaments at no additional cost on Gaming with Prime.

18-24-year-old members who joined Prime with Youth offer can access referrals on in their Amazon app only. When the friend being referred joins Prime and verifies his/her age you will get 15 extra days of Prime. What’s more, there’s no limit to the no. of extra days of Prime you can get by referring more and more friends.

Friends who join Prime via Amazon Prime Referrals program can gets 60% off on their Prime membership – 50% as part of the Youth Offer and 10% extra as a one-time Referral reward. The cashback value varies by the Prime plan opted by your friend and can be up to INR 900 for the 1-year plan. The below table summarizes the cashback earned.

Plan your friend joins Cashback your friend gets:

50% (Youth Offer) + Extra 10% (Referral Reward)

Monthly Plan (@ ₹179) ₹90  cashback for Youth Offer + Extra ₹18 cashback as referral reward
3-Month Plan (@ ₹459) ₹230 cashback for Youth Offer + Extra ₹46 cashback as referral reward
1 Year Plan (@ ₹1499) ₹750 cashback for Youth Offer + Extra ₹150 cashback as referral reward

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