Affle files 14 technology patents,strengthens consumer platform offerings

Affle (India) Limited today announced the filing of 14 patents in Singapore and the USA. The company has filed 4 new patent applications in Singapore in the areas of conversational marketing & vernacular and voice-based intelligence. Further, the company has decided to expand the jurisdiction of its 10 patents earlier filed in India by filing in the patent office of the USA as well.

The newly filed 4 patents in Singapore power innovations in AI driven intelligence & automation. The subject areas include monitoring and integration of intelligent conversational agents, switching between intelligent conversational agents, adoption of user learnings across vernacular contexts and Integration of digital assistants with audio content.

The earlier innovations initially filed for patents in India and now being pursued both in India and the USA largely covering various algorithms for ad fraud detection. These innovations include blockchain based decentralized repository of fraudulent nodes and publishers, detection of ad fraud with multiple modalities of network identification and user behaviour, deep learning and machine learning methods to identify fraudulent entities from data. These also include patent filings for enabling app installation while listening to podcasts.

Commenting on strengthening its IP portfolio, Anuj Khanna Sohum, the Chairman, MD and CEO of Affle said, “Vernacular, Voice and Video will drive the next level of adoption for smart connected devices across emerging markets. As the pioneer in mobile marketing since 2005, Affle has consistently stayed ahead of the curve with timely tech innovations. With over 100 patentable claims and a strong patent portfolio, we have added credibility and defensibility to our global IP strategy.”

Closely driving the patents portfolio at Affle, Charles Yong, the Chief Architect and Technology Officer shares his views, “With our new R&D centre in Bangalore, we are set to fortify our efforts in AI-driven intelligence and automation with conversational marketing, vernacular affinity across video and voice-based consumer experiences. We will continue to build on our strengths in the areas of big data, machine learning & advanced deep learning models to deliver conversations and conversions across connected devices.”

With these filings, Affle has now built robust patent portfolio with 18 patents filed in India, USA & Singapore. It has 3 patents granted in the areas of Consumer Acceptable Advertising in the USA while 15 patents are pending out of which 1 pending in USA covering partner pixelling for user identification; 10 pending in USA & India covering various algorithms of digital fraud detection; 4 pending in Singapore in the areas of conversational marketing and vernacular & voice-based intelligence.   


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