Advanced comprehensive Foot and Ankle Clinic

Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals today launched Eastern India’s First and most advanced comprehensive Foot and Ankle Clinic in a hospital set-up in presence of ATK players Edu Garcia, Roy Krishna and Pritam Kotal.

Headed by Dr Kushal Nag consultant orthopedic surgeon (specializing foot and ankle), Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals, the clinic would address all kinds of abnormal conditions of the feet and lower limbs such as diabetic foot, plantar fasciitis, flat feet and arthritis along with alleviate day-to-day problems such as thickened toenails, fungal nail infections or ingrown toenails.

The Foot & Ankle Clinic help in:

·         Screening & treatment of at-risk patients

·         Chronic & acute ulcer management

·         Prescription of Orthotic footwear for desired pressure relief

·         Prevention for future foot problems through education and advice

·         Pain management

·         Help in function & mobility

·         Prevention or minimization of deformity

·         Reduction in risk of ulceration or amputation

 Common deformities like heel problem, high arched foot and flat foot are often neglected leading to further complications like excruciating back pain, muscle pain, ankle sprains, leg pain, inability to walk or stand for long hours. Apollo’s Foot and Ankle Clinic will be equipped with 3D foot scan, which has an indicator with artificial intelligence by CuraFoot. The artificial intelligence in this scanning machine detects the degree of problem and recommends the remedial product.

About 10% people with foot problems require surgeries and the remaining 90%, if detected early, can be treated with conservative orthopedic management (customized 3D insoles designed exactly to address individual problems). Present at the occasion, Dr Kushal Nag consultant orthopedic surgeon (specializing foot and ankle), Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals“Apart from flat foot, high arched foot etc., another critical problem we see is Diabetic Foot leading to foot ulcers. For treating such patients with surgeries, having a set up in a tertiary care hospital is extremely important as the other departments can address the related complications like foot amputation risks.”

It is seen that a lot of people face pain in their feet after walking a bit and opt for expensive shoes hoping to get comfort. Here people don’t realize that they are not addressing the cause of the pain, which can only be addressed with proper detection with 3D Foot Scan. Addressing the problem would prevent  the condition from worsening, which means they won’t require surgeries later on.


The services at Foot & Ankle Clinic includes

1.    Assessment and treatment of foot problems relating to, but not restricted to:

                                          i.    Diabetes & Vascular diseases

                                         ii.    Systemic arthropathies and other rheumatological conditions

                                        iii.    Biomechanical & musculoskeletal assessment

                                       iv.    Soft tissue disorders including corns and calluses

2.    State-of-the-art expertise

a.    Advanced 3D Scanning, Pressure mapping & other diagnostic equipment

b.    Trained podiatric specialists

c.    Specialist foot care services like clinical pedicure, corn removal etc

3.    Extensive range of orthotic supports and footwear

a.    Advice on bespoke &therapeutic footwear

b.      Fitting of customized orthotic products

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