Acropolis Mall Presents “BLOSSOMS” – a treasure trove of flowering & Medicinal Plants

Acropolis Mall, One of the premium malls in Kolkata, has presented “BLOSSOMs” – a spectacular treasure trove of flower Show cum horticulture exhibition for flower and plant lovers of Kolkata. This is the first ever flower and horticulture exhibition by Acropolis Mall to connect denizens to the nature and bridal flush of roses   – a welcome break from the clutter of concrete jungle.

At a formal function, Shri. Subrata Gupta, IAS, Additional chief Secretary, Food Processing Industries and Horticulture Department, Govt of West Bengal and Shri Sushil Mohta, Chairman, Merlin Group, developer of Acropolis Mall formally inaugurated the Flower cum horticulture Exhibition today in presence of ace Fashion Designer Smt Agnimitra Paul today at Acropolis Mall.  The show is being held from 10th February to 14th February from 12 noon to 9 pm.

Inaugurating the show, Shri Subrata Gupta, said, “Horticulture provides income and employment to farmers who were earlier only engaged in growing of traditional crops. Today our annual production of flowers is exceeding 78, 000 metric ton annually. Thousands of farmers depend on floriculture and government is giving lot of support for creation of green houses for the cultivation of orchid and other flowers.

Agnimitra Paul, ace fashion designer, said, I want to congratulate Mr. Mohta and the entire team of Merlin for organizing this beautiful flower show Blossom. It is heartening to see that after 11- 12 months of terrible Corona people have come out, even the children are coming out. It is such a relief to come to this beautiful mall and see this beautiful flower show.

“We at Acropolis believe that we are a part of social fabric. People visit mall not just for shopping but to socialize, to enjoy some happy moments and to be a part of the vibrant atmosphere in Acropolis Mall. I would urge our patrons to come with their families and walk through the exhibition and enjoy. It is increasingly becoming difficult to have a glimpse of greenery and colorful flowers In the dense urban atmosphere. Therefore, we have arranged Flower and plant display for our patrons to come closure to nature. We need children to be acquainted with different variety of flowers and plants. Come and enjoy at Acropolis. While gardening becomes the new found hobby in the pandemic, BLOSSOMS would give the patrons of Acropolis Mall a fillip to visit the show, much to the raptures of the children”, signed off Sushil Mohta, Chairman, Merlin Group.

A consortium of fifty farmers from across the state have showcased more than 500 plants at Acropolis Mall. Out of these there are 450 varieties of Roses in different hues and shapes.  The show has also displayed a host of medicinal plants like Neem, Ashwagandha, Aloe vera and Stevia.  Children will also get an opportunity to be educated about different species of Roses and other plants and be acquainted with their scientific names.

So if you are keen to transform your  terrace or rooftop into an abundant garden where  a myriad of beautiful roses co-exist with an Aloe vera or Ashwagandha  or a small version of mango tree , Come to Acropolis Mall on Rashbehari Connector and pick your Rose plant you love  the  most.  You can also gift your valentine a plant titled Hoya whose leaf resembles a heart.

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