A unique road built in Tripura, know what is special in this road

Sohini Biswas: While the current world is troubled by global warming, on the other hand, plastic is leaving no stone unturned to contaminate the environment. However, the people of the whole world have now become aware of this. Yet plastic is such a thing without which it is impossible to imagine anything used in daily life.

While the whole world is busy thinking of how to reduce the use of plastic waste, the best example of the use of plastic taboos has come up in Tripura, India. A beautiful initiative of how we can make our environment plastic free and use plastic waste in public welfare projects has been seen in Tripura.

road made up of plastic wastes in tripura

In Tripura, waste plastic was collected and recycled. It was used in the construction of a 680 meter long road in front of the Women’s College near BK Rad. The road has been constructed by mixing waste plastic with bitumen, costing around Rs 70 lakh. This can be called a test and can be a good option for the reuse of plastic waste generated in the coming days.

Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb said that in the first initiative in Tripura, the state has started using non-recycled plastic waste in the construction of roads with the aim of reducing plastic waste and making the environment plastic free.

Typically, plastic is of great use in our everyday lives. But it severely affects the environment and the health of the ecosystem. Globally, scientists and environmentalists have taunted unbearable plastic pollution.

Let us tell you that the Agartala Municipal Corporation only produces 19 tonnes of plastic every day. So how much will be the number of waste generated in the whole world, it is a matter of consideration. Such an initiative would prove to be effective in better management of plastic waste. It is being used especially in rainy areas where waterlogging is common.

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