A Passionate Journey of an Independent Filmmaker

Santu Sinha is a name that is associated with film making, a social worker  and extremely good human being who is always prompt to offer services  for development of our society.Here is a glimpse of brief description of his journey from nowhere to  reach the goal of establishing himself. After completing the education he started his professional career in  software industries as a Technical Consultant in Trimurti Technologies in  the year 2002. In the year of 2003 till 2011, he was engaged in his own  IT related business. He was not that satisfied with the professional world  and his crave to do something new in creativity makes him constantly  engaged in creation of many Documentaries, Drawing, Stories, Poems, Music Albums, Photography, Editing and other creative activities.With the passage of time he make his step firmed with the launching of Bengali News TV Channel “Shine TV” in the year 2014 and also put his step in production house too.

He became a member of Eastern India Motion Picture Director Association in the year 2016. There is no looking back further and thereby his journey begins with the making of first feature film in Bengali “Chakrir Fande” in 2016 with censor certificate. In 2017 he released his 2nd Bengali short film “Drishti”. In between 2014 to 2016, he became Executive Council Member of NIOH (under Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Govt. of India). In the year 2017, he started publishing his own weekly Bengali News Paper “Murshidabad Highlights”.

In the same year he opened a NGO named ASHRAY SOCIAL WELFARE  AND CULTURAL FOUNDATION for the mentally challenged children and  as a social worker indulges in many social activities. The aim of his  foundation is to provide support to the helpless people specially  women. His Foundation helps women to make them self-dependent by  giving them professional training also provides training and supports to mentally challenged children.


The major turning point happened in the year 2019 with the launching  of Shine Production Portal and “Shine Pro” Mobile App, thereby giving  the platform for upcoming and beginners artists of all sectors helping them to build their careers. Shine production portal is first of its kind in  Eastern India. Now it is running as India’s Largest Talent Portal. He got awarded with Indian Excellency Award 2019 as “Entrepreneur & Social Activities” on 8th December 2019 at Press Club as a mark of his  achievement in this field.




Shine Pro App received huge response and artists of different field  created their profile whether they are professional or beginners. In  continuity with this Shine Production organizes an event of publishing  “Calendar Girl 2020” under the concept, designed and photography by  Mr. Santu Sinha himself. It was another feather in his area of creativity  where traditional look of Indian woman got reflected in a completely  different way.


His journey is yet to reach its success; we are looking forward to see  what lies in his future course of action and wishing him to become a  good human being.


Anurag film:



In this story, only “one night” condition is brought in front of the couple in the hope of getting rid of the financial crisis. Ways to stay well in the future in exchange for that condition. Will his wife be the victim of lust in exchange for money of rich businessman? The only condition for fulfilling the hopes and dreams that had been manifested for so long was “one night”.Sending one’s wife to someone else’s bed in exchange for money is the key to a better future. Love or interest in your wife? Need or loved ones? Would his wife be willing to embrace the darkness of one night to illuminate her dream of a happy future?Just waiting for the answer. Recently, the medium length Bengali film “Anurag” directed by Santu Sinha is going to be released after Pujo. The story , Screenplay and Dialogue also done by director of this film Santu Sinha himself.



Cast and Crew


Devdut Ghosh is the main character, Ananda Chowdhury and Priyanka Bhattacharya is the couple. There are also other characters played by different crew. The music of the film is directed by Raja Narayan Dev.


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