A live nature photography competition aims to increase awareness about man-nature co-existence

A soul rejuvenating  walk across greenery entwined with nature  photography had been the crux of the two day nature photography contest at Aquaville and Ibiza the Fern Resort &Spa , Kolkata in a nutshell.  A host of birds like cormorant, Baya Weaver , Red Vented Bulbul, woodpeckers, White Eye, Asian Open Bill, Egret, White ram munia , kingfishers and  Purple Sunbird Male were captured by the enthusiastic lens men here. Besides the impressive architecture, a variety of floras and  serene landscapes were also clicked.
Said Arindam Santra from Dumdum  said , “  It was wonderful  experience to  have come here at Aquaville and Ibiza the fern resort and spa , and click nature and fauna and flora. We have spotted several species like cormorant, White eye,  white ram munia sunbirds here . We feel we can get migratory birds here in the winter and I am looking forward to the second edition.
Merlin Group held this interesting contest and workshop in association with Sony India on March 11 and March 12 at the verdant expanse of Merlin Greens that include Ibiza the Fern Resort & Spa and Aquaville on Diamond Harbour Road , near IIM  Joka.
Over 40 amateur photographers and nature enthusiasts participated in the two day long event and workshop. Participants from distant locations like Hooghly , Singur, Barasat ,Behala, Nagerbazar, Baguihati, came here to capture nature’s bounty on their lenses.
The initiative aims at harnessing the power of storytelling through photography to  bring people closer to their natural  environment and encourage them to work towards its conservation. Photographers will be delighted to capture a wide variety of flora and fauna .
Actor Badsha Maitra , who  is also a passionate lens man by choice , graced the occasion and inspired the budding lens men with tips on photography.
While formally inaugurating the show, he said , “  It was a wonderful  initiative by Merlin Group to inspire nature  lovers and photographers here.  I feel more such initiatives should be taken by others”.
Mr. Sushil Mohta, Chairman, Merlin Group said , “ this is  our first such initiative on conservation of nature. The response from people was good but we hope it can assume a shape of awareness campaign if such initiative is replicated by others. We do hope to continue such activity in next year also at a time when a lot of migratory birds will be there.
The initiative has been designed to enthuse denizens of the city of Joy to focus on nature and its breathtaking flora and fauna and surrounding landscapes by way of clicking slices of lives in their natural surroundings.  Photography is an integral part and tool of nature walk that would aid them in the process. Another purpose of organizing such initiative is to raise awareness about environment conservation, importance of the harmonious coexistence of humans and other flora and  fauna in nature  It would also celebrate nature’s bounty in our surroundings and celebrate the creativity and talent of nature photographers in Kolkata.
In addition to the photography contest, Sony India also conducted interactive workshops by Mr. Saroj Dora , an expert specialist from Sony  India to help photographers learn new techniques with camera and tips to improve their craft.
The workshop was anchored by the award winning photographer Mr Pubarun Basu , the mentor of Merlin Green frames–Nature photography contest who has professional Experience. He also works with national geographic. Participants will have the opportunity to learn from expert photographers from Sony and Pubarun Basu, ask questions, and improve their skills. The workshop is to be held on 11th and 12th March only.
The photography contest will continue  till tomorrow March 12 and is open to all skill levels and genres of photography, with the holistic  theme being Capturing the beauty of nature. There are 5 categories in this contest-
1. Landscape: Co-existence of man and nature
2. Macro: The minute beauty of nature
3. Birds: Their habits and habitats
4. Flora & Fauna
5. Life in Action:
Participants  captured  the nature and lives  in  their  pristine  forms. Camouflage tents were there  also  to  aid photographers click birds and other species.
Judges Pubarun Basu , an award winning photographer and and Bishakha Dutta  mentored the contestants and guide. They will evaluate and adjudge winners.
The initiative will culminate in a gala award ceremony where eminent personalities from different fields will grace. The top 10 winners will receive cash award with green frames grand trophies, gratification from Ibiza the fern resort & spa and Princeton Club. Winners will be also awarded by Sony Corporation. The prizes will be presented at an exclusive award ceremony at a prestigious venue, where the winning photographs would also be exhibited in the presence of many eminent personalities. A coffee table book will be curated out of this which will include selected photographs and will be disseminated to people.

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