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UP WORDS is  holding  the Annual “UP WORDS’s Achievers Award’ on September 22, 2019 at Kolkata Press Club . It is awarded to inspiring people who are recognised for their leadership in creating positive change for people or the world around us. This year  M A Ali would be awarded  for his hard work and achievements . The others who are going to be felicitated are Dr Eric Holmes(USA), Pastor Dr. Dee Mangum (USA), Tamara Washington(USA), Tammy Collins Markee (USA), Alex Okoroji (Nigeria), Breshna Musazai(Afghanistan), Dimuthu Senarathna(Sri Lanka)and others. Tony Taylor, Brand Ambassador, UP WORDS and his team is coming to kolkata especially for this occasion. One of the important part of the ceremony would be felicitation of six girls from the slums of Kolkata who are part of the 34 Indian contingent to the World Meet 2019 which is to be held on 28th September 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand at the Rattanakosin Hotel.  These six girls were taught karate free of cost under the guidance of M A Ali and they are so poor that they could not afford passports. Thanks to some of the well wishers,they are now able to get the passport. Unfortunately, few of them are still struggling to get the sufficient money to attend this prestigious competition. They are supposed to leave on 26th September morning. Let us know about the inspiring  journey of M A Ali.

M A Ali is a lifelong martial arts practitioner, and has dedicated his life to propagation of Karate and other forms of martial arts to students. His influence as an instructor and educator now reaches from his home base in Kolkata all over the world. He is India’s one and only highest graded Thai Martial Artist holding 6th level gold belt in Thai Martial arts. He has devoted himself to the martial arts for over 40 years. He has been honoured with several awards from the International karate associations and others.

Back in 1987, M A Ali was the first person who propagated for the introduction of karate as a subject in educational institutions in India. He  realised that Martial arts would give students another choice besides the regular physical activities (for example, basketball and football).He  suggested that karate teaching should be on a par with sports and physical education.  It would provide a new, creative experience for them, helping to boost their self-confidence, dedication and perseverance.  He approached  schools in Kolkata to incorporate martial arts in curriculum.

 “Today’s children are tomorrow’s citizens and unless they are strong and empowered, India cannot be a super power. I have requested principals of all schools and colleges to regularly train students.” said MA Ali. Nowadays  schools have  implemented karate as a subject and taken it seriously.

Shocked by the horrific  Nirbhaya gangrape case, M A Ali  decided to do something about empowering men and women with ideas and moves to protect themselves and others and to avoid scuffles if such a situation arises. Women and young girls continue to be mistreated, harassed, and raped. The society at large still doesn’t fight for them, even though the publicity about this has increased in recent years. For poor girls who live in the slums, just walking around their streets puts them at risk for harassment and much worse.

So Ayesha Noor, student of M A Ali  began training girls and young women from the slums the art of karate. She gives away her black belt prowess to over 1000s of girls at a time. Ayesha started karate at the age of 6. Though she lost her father when she was 13, her mother continued encouraging her after Ayesha’s coach M A Ali saw potential. Her epileptic seizures might have affected her health and in turn, her studies at school, but this did not stop her from taking up the karate challenge.

 “We want women and girls to be able to know what to do when faced with assault, be it at the workplace on the streets or even at home” said  M A Ali.

The United States of America has honoured Ayesha Noor and M A Ali  as “Hero of Gender Equality” at American Centre in New Delhi on 17th March 2017. A documentary about Ayesha’s journey from the slums in Kolkata to winning gold at the international level despite her health condition called, “ Girl connected” was made by the International Television series (ITVS) and screen globally. It was also telecast by Doordarshan (Delhi).

M A Ali has organised several martial arts championship in India and abroad. He is the first person to promote full contact karate in schools of Thailand such as Ramkhamhaeng University, The Benjamarachalai School ,Bharat Vidyalaya etc.

 Grand Master Nisar Smiler (UK),President of The World Mixed Martial Arts Council  appointed him as the Director of World Cup 2020 UK and World Meet 2020 Thailand.

For the last 22 years , M A Ali is organising Universal Peace Rally at Kolkata in honour and memory of Mother Teresa  at Mother House (Missionaries of Charity). Also being a  sufi pir(guru)  of Chishtiya order  M A Ali  says “I feel everyone should do meditation. It increases the flexibility of body and mind. ”

His multiple roles do take away a lot of time that M A Ali could have spent with his family, but the man has no regrets.It is individuals like M Ali who are setting an excellent example for not just his students but also the society as a whole. We salute the indomitable spirit of the man, who happily juggles between several different roles every single day, and is still raring to go.

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