A 7*-day quick home makeover for New Beginnings

The end of the year brings with it the hope for new beginnings with the start of a Bengali new year. Not to mention the two years of being in the pandemic that has induced the need to revamp our humble abodes to make it more friendly towards the new hybrid working culture and more sustainable.To top it all, the wedding season has been another motivator to re-do our homes and welcome the essence of new beginnings. While it takes a lot of effort to turn a house into a home, from furniture placement to wall colours, to the kind of flooring you choose and the type of ceilings you have, all of these factors and more are only heightened during the start of our new beginnings. However, most of us avoid home renovation projects because they are time-consuming and inconvenient. But you’d be happy to know that with the correct planning and creative interior ideas, homes can be effortlessly transformed completely for the much-anticipated time of year. One such critical element that could be renovated without much hassle is your ceilings. So if you’re making notes, our suggestion would be to start here:

Ceiling, the essential 5th Wall: When it comes to decorating or redecorating any interior space, the attention is usually on the walls and floors. While it’s necessary to have things done to your liking, ceilings also play an important function in calming the atmosphere in your home. Ceilings contribute to the total wow effect by helping to build unique, exquisite, and awe-inspiring homes. Many people are opting for designer artificial ceilings to lend an aesthetic touch to the fifth wall. They have a significant impact on the appearance of any interior. Currently, builders, real estate developers, and even architects emphasize the use of “designed false ceilings” from the beginning of the design process.

The ceiling ally: As a homeowner, substantially redesigning your interiors may appear to be a costly undertaking. However, given today’s techniques for completing the work, re-designing your ceiling will not break the bank. However, you’ll need a reliable partner in your renovation project. Saint Gobain Gyproc for this has developed whole catalogues to suit your mood, budget, and deadlines, giving your ceiling a new appearance in just 7 days. The cost of a Gypsum Ceiling depends on not one but four parameters – design option, cost of installation, transportation, and labor charges. After calculating everything, you can assume that the cost can lie between Rs. 100 – 140 per square feet in general. Of course, this entirely depends on the interior designers that you are approaching. Gyproc also provides the right guidance to choose the optimum design for your living space. All this at reasonable and affordable pricing. As a result, when it comes to ceilings, Gyproc can be your most trusted ally.

Beyond the aesthetics: When it comes to designing ceilings using gypsum boards, you have a lot of alternatives to select from. You can experiment with different shapes for your ceilings to add drama to your living space. It will enhance the beauty of your property by providing an attractive finish. Designer ceilings have numerous benefits in addition to their aesthetic appeal. They optimize your air conditioning usage and reduce those inflated summer electricity bills. For example, if your room is 12 x 12 sq. ft. and your false ceiling is one foot below the actual ceiling, it will cut down 12 x 12 x 1 cubic space that would otherwise have needed to be cooled by the AC, reducing your energy bill. Other advantages such as uniform light distribution, concealed wiring, and pipes, customizing the theme/mood of rooms can be achieved with the help of false ceilings. Gyproc, a renowned name in the business, offers a wide range of options for wall décor and false ceilings. These false ceilings are composed of lightweight, durable materials such as gypsum that can endure at least two decades of normal use, are easier to install, and come in a variety of designs.


As we make way for new lifestyles, the kind that require us to feel healthier, safer and happier, our environment will always play a critical role. And while we can only control so much of what happens outside, our homes will always be our safe haven. With almost third year of entering uncertainty, our homes are one place that could yet welcome change and be the signs of new beginnings. The right change in decor could definitely be an answer to this. So, incorporate this quick fix and make your homes ready for Bengali new year and a sustainable tomorrow.


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