Fortis Hospital Anandapur and Kolkata Police joins hand on Road Safety week

Kolkata Police and Fortis Hospital, Anandapur have collaborated on Road Safety week. The objective of the program was to raise awareness about the ill effect of unnecessary honking, specifically in front of hospitals and schools.


“This initiative is an unique campaign done by Fortis hospital in association with Kolkata Police Traffic Guard – awareness about no honking especially in front of the hospital.
This whole initiative can be raised in two ways, one being creating social awareness and second by giving penalties. Today we are not giving any penalties but we are creating awareness by getting hold of the car drivers who are honking in front of the hospital to create a sense of understanding among them about the ill effects of honking followed by distributing roses and chocolates to them.  .
It is either by creating awareness or by giving penalties we want to create this awareness among people that honking unnecessarily is not a good habit and that one should avoid it as much as one can”- an official from Fortis Hospital Anandapur
“Since 31st we are celebrating road safety week, we have initiated different activities during the road safety week, among them today we have collaborated with Fortis hospital. We are trying to create and spread an awareness about no honking, especially in front of hospitals and schools. Today we had a covid survivor who shared her experience about her stay in hospital during covid days, and how she along with her children suffered due to unnecessary honking in front of hospitals.

We know it by fact that people honk unnecessarily creating a feeling of irritation for others. This campaign is totally focused on creating awareness among people that unnecessary honking is wrong. In this program today, we stopped the honkers, requested them not to honk and distributed roses along with chocolates. Henceforth, we will take a step and might prosecute people for such acts.
The objective of today’s event is to create an awareness through real life survivors who shared their experiences for the general people to understand the ill effect of unnecessary honking, specifically in front of hospitals, schools, and similar places as such where both and children and adult can suffer from serious illness because of the noise pollution being created through honking.- Souvik Chakroborty officer in charge Tiljala Traffic Guard.  

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