Paucity of funds slows construction of Viveka Tirtha


Swami Vivekananda’s main emphasis was on man-making, his total and holistic development of human personality. Swamiji’s vision of an Ideal human personality was the harmonious development of the faculties of feeling, thinking and willing—heart, head and hand: “heart to feel, brains to conceive, hands to work. He wanted this man-making programme particularly for the youth of our country so that we would have strong, energetic, young men and women, sincere to the backbone, of impeccable character and unimpeachable integrity.

In the year 2013, the Government of West Bengal, at the initiative of Honourable Chief Minister, Mamata Banerjee, proposed that a centre for Human Excellence and Social Sciences for research and educational activities at various levels, with special emphasis on Value Education, man-making and character-building education as enunciated by Swami Vivekananda, be started at Rajarhat in Kolkata. The Ramakrishna Mission accepted the proposal. The State Cabinet approved the allotment of 5 (five) acre plot of land in New Town, Kolkata in favor of the Ramakrishna Mission for setting up a Centre for Human Excellence and Social Sciences.

The Centre will be developed into a larger institution eligible to be included within the ambit of Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda University headquartered at Belur Math, so that it would be possible to award degrees at the undergraduate, post- graduate and doctorate levels under the seal of the aforesaid University. With this end in view, following buildings/departments were slated to come up at Viveka Tirtha: (i) An off campus of Vivekananda University, (ii) Centre for Value Education for the people of all walks of life, (iii) A school of languages with language laboratory, (iv) A computer institute, (v) A digital library, (vi) Department of Citizenship Training, (vii) A conference hall, (viii) An auditorium, (ix) An Exhibition hall, and (ix) Separate quarters for guest faculties and staff etc.


One distinguishing feature of the campus is that the central building of the entire campus of Viveka Tirtha was to resemble the Art Institute at Chicago, USA where Swami Vivekananda  delivered his world-famous speech addresses in the World’s Parliament of Religions in 1893.

The estimated cost of the project was rupees 174 crore and It was to take 5 years to complete. To initiate the project, Government of West Bengal and various corporate bodies came forward with their contribution namely West Bengal Government rupees 20 crores ,TCS rupees 40 crores, BPL, Indian Oil and ONGC rupees 24 crores, Infosys rupees 5 crores, TVS rupees 5 crores,  Kochi ship Builders rupees 1 crore, Haldia Petrochemicals rupees 1 crore ,Various other donations rupees 9 crores.

Unfortunately due to pandemic situation caused by Corona so many commitments failed and the project has come to a grinding halt. This has also escalated the project cost. To complete this project another Rupees 80 crore is required.If the funds are available on time the main educational activities will commence within one and a half years.

“We request the media to reach the world at large to donate generously for this cause. Swami Vishokananda Ji Maharaj, the secretary of Ramkrishna Mission Centre Rajarhat for Human Excellence and Social Sciences, Viveka Tirtha through his audio visual message has appealed to the general public, Corporates, Social organizations and individuals to come forward and donate generously towards the completion of this prestigious philanthropic project.” said the spokesperson.

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