5 Interesting Facts About Doraemon That No One Told You

Desk: Doraemon, Fujiko F. Fujio’s popular Japanese manga and anime series, first appeared in 1969. It holds the first position in terms of children’s favorite anime series. This TV show has gained popularity not only in Japan but also in many other countries.

The story revolves around Nobita, a young boy in the 22nd century, and a robotic cat named Doraemon. Doraemon helps Nobita fight everyday challenges with a wide range of futuristic gadgets. He has a fourth-dimensional pocket in which all his future gadgets are stored.

You might have watched this science fiction anime series in your childhood. However, almost all fans are unaware of some interesting facts about Doraemon. There are many remarkable things about its heart-touching stories and memorable characters.

Here are some interesting facts about Doraemon

  1. Most people know Doraemon without visible ears. But do you know that earlier they also had ears? Actually, a robotic rat from the future cut off Doraemon’s ears, after which his appearance changed. There is already an episode on this.
  2. Many Android games have been made based on the Doraemon anime series. One of the most popular games among them is Dickmon X. In this, you will see many characters of Doraemon in a unique style. The story of the game is quite engaging which helps to experience the series from a different perspective.
  3. The name “Doraemon” is a combination of two Japanese words, “Dora” and “Emon”. Dora means stray cat and Emon is a common suffix used for male names in Japan. These two words together mean “stray cat robot.”
  4. You might have heard one of his songs in the Doraemon series, titled “Doraemon no Uta”. This is the theme song of Doraemon that almost every child in Japan will remember. It is one of the most recognized anime theme songs in this country.
  5. The irony is that despite being a cat robot, Doraemon is afraid of rats. Initially, no one knew why this was so. But those who have seen the episode involving Doraemon’s ear incident know the reason very well. This fear of our favorite character often gives rise to many comical situations.


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