437 days,Dhoni is back and Back with a new look #BreakTheBeard

This year has been full of surprises. Even in unprecedented COVID times, with multiple question marks over the future of live sports, the Indian cricket board, has put together this year’s IPL, albeit on foreign shores.In its 13th edition, the cricketing extravaganza is expected to be in all its glory, with fans eagerly looking forward to watching the world’s most celebrated sports event from the comfort of their homes.

This new season promises something new and exciting for all sports enthusiasts; not just with its nerve-racking matches, but also with the most awaited #BreakTheBeardtrend. Your favourite cricketers are expected to unveil some of their new looks, as they show off their new beard styles after the lockdown. And do not fret, our cricketers are not beginners who are showing off their swag!

Way back in 2017, Ravindra Jadeja started the Break The Beard challenge, where he shaved off his beard because he wanted to change the look in his dressing room. Soon Rohit Sharma, Ajinkya Rahane, Hardik Pandya, Shikhar Dhawan, Zaheer Khan and others followed suit and it became a huge trend on social media.

Over the years, this social trend has gained massive popularity, with cricketers, kabaddi players and other celebritiesshaving their beard and uploading short videos on social media, using the hashtag #BreakTheBeard. This year, our favourite players have taken this a notch higher with Dhoni, Suryakumar and Hardik Pandya sporting new looks as they come on field to play their first match.

Just a few months ago, Dhoniwas seen sporting a full white beard, and fans couldn’t stop raving about it. Being debated as a sign of retirement,withDhoni lovers retaliating that his beard is the best. Whatever it was, Dhoni’s beard has always been the talk of town.

Cut short to the first match of IPL 2020, Dhoni is back in what looks like a new avatar that has fans cheering for more. Kick-starting IPL 2020, he walked onto field sporting a new look with a beard that was groomed to perfection! We’re sure Dhoni fans will now line up to break that quarantine beard and give Mahi some company.

As the season begins, our hearts quiver in anticipation to witness our favourite cricketers in a new and fun light. So, men this is your chance to take inspiration and sport the newest Pandya or Dhoni look, #BreakTheBeard,and be sure to impress your dear ones as you sit at home and watch your favourite game.



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