30 women get ‘Nari Shakti Samman’ award

Remarkable inspiring women from all areas of society were honoured for their achievements at an awards ceremony titled ”Nari Shakti Samman’ organised by Pink Roses Entertainment.The prime objective was to celebrate and recognize the excellence of these amazing women wh are the icons, inspiration and game-changers. Thirty women were awarded which included Abha Anupama from Nepal, actress Devika Mukherjee, Fashion Designer Irani Mitra etc.

Eminent Personalities such as former state transport minister Madan Mitra, renowned social worker Dr. Arif Nasir Butt and TMC leader Sabir Ali joined together to celebrate the incredible award ceremony.  The evening consisted of a display of amazing talent, with performances from dancers, singers and also fashion showcases from local designers.

Hina Kauser,Director of Pink Roses Entertainment said “Only that nation develops and prosper where women are treated equally and with respect.In order to empower women in the true sense, the people of the society must welcome the birth of girl children, provide opportunitiesfor their education, instill respect for positive beliefs and values, make them self-reliant and inculcate a sense of service to the nation,”

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