26 year old battles cancers and becomes a mother of twins through IVF

A young 26 year old woman from Kolkata, Banali (name changed), with known case of PCOD (polycystic ovaries) was trying to conceive for a while and had undergone two failed IVF cycles before she came to Indira IVF Kolkata. On examination, it was found out that she was obese. A pre-IVF testing at the centre showed that the lining of her uterus was more than average (thick endometrium) and she was advised for a diagnostic Hysteroscopy and Laparoscopy with biopsy. The report of endometrial biopsy showed endometrial cancer (a form of cancer of the uterus).

This news left the couple with questions and concerns regarding Banali’s health and the possibility of becoming parents in future. A combined team of fertility experts along with renowned cancer specialist, Dr Manas Chakrabarti, was formed to handle this case. The team soon concluded that the cancer was in very early stage and she can be offered treatment that will cure the cancer and help her to preserve her fertility as well. After many tests and research a special treatment plan for Banali was administered. She was advised fertility sparing treatment which included high dose oral progesterone and an intra-uterine progesterone releasing device named Mirena.

Sharing the details about the case, Dr Akanksha Jangid of Indira IVF said, “After 9 months of taking the treatment, Banali was successfully declared disease free and was advised to complete her fertility treatment as early as possible. She underwent her first cycle in November 2019 which unfortunately failed, post which we tested her uterus to understand if it was ready to be implanted with embryos through IVF or not. We later decided to do an Endometrial Receptivity Array (ERA), which revealed a normal receptive endometrium. Subsequently, her second embryo transfer resulted in twin pregnancy.”

The case was complicated due to patient’s obesity and diabetes, for which the team had to take necessary precautions. Her weight was optimized before IVF cycle, she was advised to exercise regularly and eat healthy nutritious food in addition to the treatment. Given the sensitivity of the case, her health and the babies were constantly monitored to ensure there are no further complications.

 “Banali recently delivered two healthy babies- one girl and one boy. Both the patient and the babies have been healthy and doing well. She is scheduled to undergo a complete surgery, 6 months post-delivery for the uterine cancer, which will involve removal of uterus to minimize any future risks. We are proud of the team that has been working relentlessly not just to help Banali fight her battle with cancer but also to help her experience the joy of motherhood.” Dr Akanksha Jangid added.

Endometrial Carcinoma or Uterine Cancer is the 6th most common cancer in women in the world. It is a cancer that begins in the uterus and the average age of detection is around 60 years. It rarely occurs in younger age group but when it does, fertility preservation becomes a priority and can be opted if it is detected and treated at an early stage. A specialized team of oncologists and fertility specialists can help to preserve fertility in young cancer patients who later wish to become parents with the help of advanced fertility treatments.

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