Female entrepreneurs making their mark in Etsy

Etsy, the global marketplace for unique and creative goods, is home to a number of creative women entrepreneurs who are selling to buyers from across the globe. 80% of sellers selling on Etsy are women. The opportunities brought about by the growing demand for products sold online has allowed women entrepreneurs to conduct their business from within their homes. Extended durations of staying at home during the pandemic have also inspired many women to start their own businesses to create new streams of income.

It’s easy to set up a shop on Etsy. Etsy allows sellers the freedom and flexibility to work on their own terms: they can build a small business from their home which allows homemakers to become entrepreneurs. On Etsy, sellers make their own schedules, and do something they’re passionate about. At Etsy, we work extensively to provide sellers with the necessary support including online workshops, marketing tools, and customer support, for the small sellers to run a successful business.

Here are a few examples from women sellers from Kolkata who are successfully running their businesses on Etsy.

Seller name: Neha Roy

Etsy shop: HandloomByPOTTPOURRI


POTT-POURRI by Neha Roy is a plus size label following the aesthetics of minimalist fashion. To Neha, comfort is important both at a physical and emotional level.

Neha’s collection is built on earthy, dull or pastel hues with fabrics developed from Shantipur in West Bengal. The woven fabrics are the finest variety of Bengal handloom cotton and khadi.

Neha’s personal experience helped her understand the needs of women and led her to make body positive clothing. It’s not just about making clothes in larger sizes; it’s about understanding the needs and aesthetics of different body types. At POTT-POURRI the silhouettes, colors and design are all in sync with individual body types. The focus is on the daily needs of the wearer who requires comfort and the ability to look good at the same time.

Neha started her shop on Etsy very recently and has already made a few sales across the globe.

Seller name: Diptee

Etsy Shop: Quilts by Diptea


Diptee was working as a corporate professional until 2018, when she left her job to follow her passion and start her own business. Thus ‘QuiltsByDiptea’ was born. Diptee’s expertise lies in designing and creating cute and fun quilts. Her products are made with 100% cotton fabric and she takes extra care of every detail while making  them.

Based in Kolkata, Diptee sources all her raw materials from across the country. Her quilts and patterns are colourful and full of life because she loved using vibrant colour combinations in them. Diptee can also personalise and customise her quilts based on specific requirements by her buyers.

Diptee joined Etsy in 2018 and has made a number of sales to different parts of the world since then.

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