Vedantu introduces Ai LIVE technology

Crossing the chasm to educate millions of students through revolutionary EdTech innovation, Vedantu, a pioneer in LIVE online learning, today launches Augmented Interactive (Ai) LIVEtechnology. Ai LIVE classes aim at revolutionizing education for millions of students by making quality education accessible and affordable.


Ever since 2014, the founders have been on a mission to create impact at scale by providing holistic learning solutions and experiences for every student with the best teachers, Ai LIVE is another step in that direction which offers an interactive platform backed by technology that will disrupt the price point of INR 5000 per year to bring it down to INR 10 per hour. Ai LIVE interactive classes are available from the class 6th to 12th curriculum for CBSE, ICSE & Maharashtra Boards, and competitive exams such as JEE, NEET, NTSE, and more.


With this innovation, every child will now learn from the most inspiring Master Teachers, experiencing the best-in-class live and interactive features like real-time doubt solving, quizzes, leaderboards, and many more at an incredible price point. The Ai LIVE classes are powered by the Multi Teacher Model. When the class goes live, while the students are fully immersed in the Master Teacher’s pre-created interactive teaching, the Class Teachers, who are live in the class, ensure that every student’s query is answered, and their doubts are being 100% resolved in real-time.


Ai LIVE is Vedantu’s way of amplifying the impact of its master teachers by layering their unique concept teaching with live and interactive features to deliver engaging and compelling learning experiences. Sixteen years of deep research through a billion data points captured on what drives effectiveness and engagement has helped deconstruct the building blocks and created the most inspiring and interactive classes.


Vamsi Krishna, CEO & Co-Founder, Vedantu said, “We are proud Ai LIVE has come around with the long-standing aim to make quality education accessible and affordable for all students in India. At Vedantu, we believe this is the true promise of EdTech, where we combine the best of teaching with the most disruptive technology, to create such a massive impact at scale. We have used all our learnings through concept teaching in millions of LIVE classes and asynchronously captured all the core concept teaching. This helped us to bring the prices down exponentially to an unbelievable Rs 10 an hour. For context, a JEE Course which costs more than Rs 1 Lac per year in offline coaching classes, through AI Live, will now cost just Rs 5000 per year.”


“From one to one classes at Rs 500/- per hour to one to many classes at Rs 70/- per hour and today the same but more immersive at just Rs 10/- per hour has been an incredible journey for us. We are certain that this revolutionary concept will put Indian EdTech on the global map. ”,Vamsi further added.

There is a tremendous amount of technology and deep pedagogical insights that have gone behind making Ai LIVE Classes possible.Ai LIVE classes will be a combination of interactive classes pre-created by a one-of-a-kind Content Creator Module by Master Teachers of Vedantu, using WAVE 2.0’s unique LIVE Interactive features like leaderboard, In-Class Quizzes, Hotspots, Fill in the Blanks, LIVE Chat Interactions, and post-class doubt and in-class doubt sessions. The personalized in-class & post-class experience helps students understand comprehensive concepts to achieve their academic goals and maximize their learning potential.

Key features of Ai LIVE:

1.Ai LIVE Nudge:AI-driven ‘real time’ personalized nudges, we could maintain the same experience of the live class that is equally effective and engaging. To ensure concentration from every child,this technology leverages the understanding of every student’s level of engagement and learning outcomes in the class to drive real-time personalized nudges, exactly when needed, that too in the Master Teacher’s voice.

  1. Ai-Powered automated in class doubt solving: The classes have automated systems powered by Vedantu’s AI algorithms that work continuously and predict doubts from students even before they arise which ensures that every doubt, no matter how small or big is accounted for

3.Ai LIVE class milestone technology: Gone are the days when progress reports would land in your hands months later.  It is all happening live and in class now.

  1. Class Teacher Dashboard:In addition to all these powerful automated systems, Class Teachers are also continuously informed with learning insights gathered within the class, for each student, through our state-of-the-art Class Teacher Dashboard. This dashboard gives them the superpower to know exactly how engaged every child is, helping them to calibrate the classes accordingly. It takes personalized learning to a whole new level!

Ai LIVE guarantees a child’s academic progress through Vedantu Improvement Promise (VIP), which assures predictable learning improvement for all students. A student-obsessed organization, Vedantu assures a refund of the course fee if students are not satisfied with their progress. The classes will take place on Vedantu’s patented platform W.A.V.E. 2.0 (Whiteboard Audio Video Environment), which mathematically calculates the effectiveness of learning and anticipates questions related to education content.

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