1 in 4 people in Kolkata have the fear of insomnia

 Wakefit.co, one of India’s largest D2C sleep and home solutions providers, released the 5th edition of its Great Indian Sleep Scorecard (GISS) 2022. After an in-depth evaluation, the report has revealed some interesting insights and observations into the sleep patterns of Indians. The key findings indicated that 1 in 4 Kolkatans have the fear of insomnia. The report also indicated that more than half the population of Kolkata (51%) were early risers, waking up before 8 am every morning.


Ideal sleep window disturbed

Though the majority of Kolkata’s population woke up early, only 17% adhered to the ideal sleep time, which is 10 pm as per experts. Social media browsing was the reason for 37% of Kolkatans to stay up late at night. Last year this number was 29%. 92% of the city still used their phones just before bedtime, which is an alarming number. The bulk of the population (40%) acknowledged that a consistent sleep pattern will help improve their sleep quality. 32% of the population felt that avoiding digital screens before sleep can help with better sleep quality, indicating that people have gradually started to understand the adverse effects of increased screen time.

Work culture taking hold of sleep

The workload has largely reduced people’s sleep, demanding 28% of the population to stay up till late this year, unlike 17% last year. Most professions seem to be equally strenuous, as 17% of respondents belonged to the finance sector and 25% of them to the IT sector. The healthy work-life balance seems to have been disrupted for the people of Kolkata as 59% feel sleepy during work hours.

There’s still room for sleep space

Only 56% of Kolkata’s population made their beds as soon as they woke up, this number was comparatively lower than in other metro cities. The lack of having a well-maintained bed space could also be one of the reasons why 1 in 4 Kolkatans felt that their sleep quality has decreased post-pandemic. There is also a dire need for comfortable sleep spaces as 35% of people feel that their bedroom environment has been affecting a good night’s sleep.

The Great Indian Sleep Scorecard is an ongoing survey recording sleep patterns, and the edition for 2022 received over 30,000 responses, taken between March 2021 and February 2022. The study covers respondents across the age spectrum and multiple demographic groups in Indian cities. Over the last 5 years, the survey has received more than 2 lakh responses.


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