Accounting, teaching and banking jobs among the top five searches by job seekers in Kolkata

A study of job trends in Kolkata by Indeed, the world’s #1 job site reveals that the top five categories of jobs posted in Kolkata include civil engineering (10%), architecture (9%), software technology (6%), media (4%) and retail (3%) indicating hiring in these sectors in the city.


Job seekers from Kolkata are most interested in entry-level job positions and open to part-time jobs. Further, data from Indeed shows the top 5 job searches in Kolkata are for the roles of human resource executive, civil engineer, teacher, bank employee, and accountant.


Top searches in Kolkata with corresponding annual salary per title:

Job Title Earns up to (in INR)
Human Resource executive 6,96,000
Civil  engineer 6,12,000
Teacher 5,88,000
Bank employee 5,40,000
Accountant 5,04,000


Top five cities searching for jobs in Kolkata

In terms of job seeker interest, the top five cities searching for jobs in the city of Kolkata include Burdawan (11%), Patna (9%), Durgapur (6%), Siliguri (5%) and Howrah (4%). Further, the Indeed data indicates that the talent mismatch[1] is low in Kolkata (24%) as it sees a comparatively lower percentage of hard to fill jobs, in comparison to New Delhi (57%), Thiruvananthapuram (43%), Bengaluru (32%), Mumbai (31%) and Chennai (30%).



Commenting on the same, Mr. Sashi Kumar, Managing Director, Indeed India, said, “While the civil engineering, architecture, software, media and retail sectors indicate growth in Kolkata, another promising sector for job creation in the city is the SME sector. The growth of the SME sector increases potential employment generation in this market. The growth of entrepreneurs and small businesses will be promising for job seekers as it would mean more job opportunities in Kolkata”.

[1]Talent mismatch – Ratio of jobs to clicks – a bigger number implies a more favorable market for job seekers, while a smaller number implies an employers market – a value of 1 implies equilibrium


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