Celebrating India’s rural artisans


The Indian art of weaving by hand embodies every aspect of India’s rich tradition, culture, diversity and artistry. Every handwoven product has its own story to tell – from the topographical features of a region to the social, economic and religious characteristics of its people.

NAMEG is an endeavour to promote the amazing technique and the hands behind that come together to bring out that brilliant piece of art in the form of sarees, stoles, dupattas, cushion covers, runners, bed linen, silver jewellery etc. Recently, NAMEG unveiled its collection at Birla Academy of Art & Culture, Kolkata. The organisers said that the handicraft artists in various regions excelling in different materials lwere being encouraged to come together to produce items in demand in the global market.“The ultimate aim of the exbhition is to improve the livelihood of craftsmen and handloom weavers in the countryThe awareness created through such an exhibition helps rural artisans motivate in the villages to hone their skills in traditional crafts, and in turn, helps preserve them” said the organiser.



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